Posted by: SisuGirl | October 20, 2007

Saturday rituals

Because I work on Saturday (off S-T), my regular rituals are only slightly different from my normal routine. I have 2 special things that make up my Saturday special things and here they are. #1) Flavored coffee and flavored creamer, sometimes the same but always complimentary. Why is this such a treat? If you ask, you have no idea how hard it is to find flavored coffee in SE Alaska. Sugar syrup flavours like Starbucks uses/sells abound but if you want chocolate truffle flavoured coffee, you will have to search…hard. After 2 years, I finally found some at a local Sitka grocery store but only in the tiny, pre-ground packets. I asked about more and bigger packs or plain beans and I wish I could have saved the look on the clerks face. Total puzzlement and confusion. “You want what?” “Oh, the flavours are there as syrups or in the dairy case next to the milk.” Ok, fine. I will take my little packets and go home 🙂

#2) Saturday Morning Cartoons. I love them and because of how our free TV station is set up, we get the best of all worlds. 30 min of PBS, then the same of NBC, ABC and FOX. This means that while we cant plan on seeing our favourite shows during the week, on Saturday I get PBS before 8am and then ALL the animal shows until 11. I have to work at 10 my J tells me that they continue until 11.

Yesterday J and I took Sisu on a hunt/hike and while we didnt see any deer, Sisu had a great time and so did we. There are pics on my Flickr site for all to enjoy, including one very random one

I am planning on making my final order from Knitpicks for the year, mainly so I can buy the materials for Christmas presents. Actually, only Christmas materials will be bought…arnt you proud?


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