Posted by: SisuGirl | October 19, 2007

Its beginning to look a lot like

Snow #1

So I have lived here in the Pacific Northwest for 2 years, in Southeast Alaska for 3 more years now and have had my fair share of precipitation at odd/unwanted/constant times but this really takes the cake.  Can you see what I’m talking about in the first picture?  Ok, maybe the second will be a bit easier.  Look at Sisu’s back.Sisu’s 1st snowfall

Yes.  Thats right.  It snowed.  Yesterday.  For at least 3 hours.  It was a mix of snow and rain so technically it stuck to the boardwalk but it was that slushy stuff that is dangerous to all, man and beast.  It finished the day by raining for the rest of it so what little we had was all gone.  Our snowline that was about 1750′ was around 500′ when the snow stopped and I cant tell you where it is now because we have a huge fog bank blocking my view.   It looks to be a cold, clear day and I am loving being here already, minus the slippery boardwalk but thats here all year.

In my knitting world, I’ve buckled down and have been hard at work on my Rogue and have gotten to and started my kangaroo pocket in front.  No double knitting for me so I will make it like a flap and join as the directions say but I really must learn that double knitting technique, mainly because it looks so cool.  That and 2 colour Double Shaker Brioche knitting.  I just dont understand the directions about knitting 2 RS rows and then 2 WS rows.  Apparently, after the first, you slide the knitting to the end of the RH needle and knit the RS again and I just cant wrap my mind around that.

In a personal matter, a couple friend of J and I are renting a house which the owner would like to sell.  This house is fantastic with the master room, 2 small bedrooms and a open room upstairs, a HUGE sitting/living room downstairs along with a kitchen, rather tiny dining area, bathroom and deck.  In the main entry way there is the washer/dryer and the stairs to the unfinished basement.  Instead of being on pilings, this house is truly built into rock.  Seriously, there is a boulder that makes up one sloping side of the basement and a creek that runs thru a culvert down there too.  It has an ocean front and 3/4 of the windows have a great view, as does the porch.  The entire house is completely sound and the couple who lives there wanted to buy it but chose to buy the house and lot right next door.  They had an assessment and inspection done too. And they want J and I to buy it.  And we have been looking for a place.  And I really like the house and can think of only one flaw.  That flaw is that its “up the hill” and down a set of stairs, which kind of cuts down on visitors because most people dont want to make that trek up the 50-60 degree hill.  But thats kind of a good thing because, oh the view we get because of where it is…wow.

There is another house for sale in town.  No view, but it has a little yard and garden and is divided so it could be rented out.  I havent really been in there but to me, light and windows and view are top priority but that garden is so appealing too!

Anyone have any advice or can tell me who the heck I start talking to/getting info from on buying a house?



  1. I can’t help you figure out which house is the right one for you. But I know that you have to be comfortable there and you know that right from the start. Can you see yourself living there in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? The house on the hill sounds nice with the views but is there only 1 bathroom? Can you see raising children in this house with only bathroom? And the lack of a yard could be a problem but you can garden using containers on the porch.

    And did I understand correctly, that you climb up steps and than climb down to get to the front door? But being built into the rock means that you don’t have to worry when the earth moves.

  2. I don’t know if I know very much about buying houses…but we did it once and I’d be happy to attempt to be helpful! LOL.

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