Posted by: SisuGirl | October 15, 2007

Oh gosh

There has to be more weeks until Christmas than I think there are have counted.  There are only 10 weeks until Christmas!  Actually, 10 weeks and 1 day and holy snow, I have so much knitting to do that I cant believe I can get it all done.  I started my “Knitting Goals” list this afternoon and overwhelmed (maybe I’m European enough to just be whelmed 🙂 ) myself in thinking how on earth I am going to finish…

7 stranded hats in Swish SW and Noro Kureyo, a la Fake Isle

2 Fat Bunny Hats

1 Rogue sweater (re-re-ripped back to start again for the 3rd time)

3 pairs of FT clogs  made with Wool of the Andes

and possibly finishing my PNW shawl (who am I kidding right?)

I need the hats done by December 8th and the clogs done around Christmas and I would really like to have the sweater done by the 8th too just because it would be neat to wear one of my own, handmade sweaters to sell my other handmade goodies at the craft fair.

On the FO news…I finished my sisters socks and because I was so excited and anxious to get them out to her, I failed to take a picture of them done.  So Jinny, You have to and email it to me!!  I want to post about it and you have to comment when you get the box too.  I mailed it Saturday so it went out today and she should have it by Wednesday or Thursday.  Keep an eye out Jinny and phone me when you get it.

I’m off to continue casting on the Rogue.  I am going to follow the directions almost to a “t” this time.  I just cant bring myself to do 12 rounds of twisted stockinette.  It makes my hands hurt and while I love the look, I dont like hurting!  I have done 1 round twisted, 1 rnd plain and that works for me.  It is, after all, only hem facing!



  1. Sounds like you’ve got a lot of knitting to do!! This year certainly did fly by!


    You better get knitting on my fuzzy bunny hat!!! Its already starting to get cold here. Negaunee has already had some snow on the ground! 🙂
    Love you!!!! Hope you are having a good day! MUAH

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