Posted by: SisuGirl | September 26, 2007

Sky Promise

I have found my perfect inspired colourway.  One that makes me smile, gives me hope and assures me all at the same time.  I call it “Sky Promise” and it is a blend of the palest of pinks in a flash of the most perfect of sky blue in a field of dark grey-blue.  I can see it as: {dark grey-blue}sky blue{pale pink}sky blue{dark grey-blue} in a skein.

Why these colours?  Because it rains 330 days out a the year here and after a full week of solid downpour where you havent seen the blue of the sky, to go out for a walk in the 10 minuets of rain break that you get at 7pm and see the barest glimpse of that perfect blue with the palest of sunset pink on those highest clouds, you know that there will be a day again that you can see the blue sky and it will be all that sweeter when it comes again.

Its been so nice to have a break in the rain again and have no real gusty wind to worry about either.  My Nana never liked the wind in her ears and I think that I inherited that dislike along with the passion for sensible knitting and bodily rejection of red wine and chocolate (horrid headaches if I indulge, just like she used to).  There is so much else I can see in me that came from my Nana and thru her, from my Mum too.  I miss my Nana so much but I know she would be proud of me and happy that I am so happy with my life.

I have been knitting like a mad thing on my Rogue and am currently on the neck and just started on the cables there.  It looks so pretty and I am so excited to be working on it.  It is a bit too small with the hem facing being too tight.  So I will have to unpick it and rip it back (the hem) so that it will be more wearable.  It is a bit tight but when I tried to CO and start again in a bigger size, I just couldnt knit that bottom part again in the same purple.  Not that I dont like it, I am still thrilled with the colour and how it looks already knit but I just couldnt do it again.  But I already think that I will knit again with Lisa’s yarn!  The sweater isnt that tight that I wouldnt wear it regularly but even with the gauge being off a bit, I wouldnt knit that size again…but I will knit it again 🙂

Janyne, your birthday socks are still coming…and I still wont post a picture until you get them!  They may be a bit late because of lack of planes (the weather still sucks fog-wise) but they are just about there and I know that you will love them.  I cant wait to show them off to you and everyone else!



  1. OK!!!!!! I am waiting to get them and I cant wait!!!!
    If they aren’t ready just a phone call will do! :):)

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