Posted by: SisuGirl | September 19, 2007


Its a darn good thing that I like the rain because it sure has been coming down these past few days.  Yesterday was a reprieve for a few hours, some sun but very chilly, but the precip is back again and in full force today.  I am so glad that I had my busy day with the planes on a nice sunny one because now I can look forward to only having to stand in the rain for less than 1 hour instead of more!  The great thing about this job is that I get to see everyone that flies into and out of town and that, after only 3 weeks of hauling that huge cart and 1200 loads, the muscles in my arms and upper back are getting to be quite well defined.  The computer system is pretty easy to navigate though the program itself is slow because we have dial-up in the office.  It would be well worth it, IMHO, to get a satellite connection, both for the customers who have to wait as the system thinks and talk to the main computer and for the guests who rent in the little side apartment next-door from the airline because we use their phone line!  Now what kind of customer service is that?

Can you tell that I am big on CS?  I guess thats what happens when you start working, albeit only just started but completely, in a CS driven job.

Knitting wise, well, the job does give me time to knit, especially when we have all this rain and icky weather.  The good thing is that my boss is a knitter too so we are quite friendly over our needles while we wait for clouds to clear and passengers to come in.  I am well into my Rogue and I am so in love with the yarn that I am using from Lisa Souza.  I bought her Black-purple colourway in the Superwash 100% Merino and it is amazing.  It holds up well to frogging, doesnt split, shows stitch definition excellently and the colour!  I honestly wasnt sure that I truly liked the variegated parts while I was winding it from the skein and when I knit the swatch there was no huge change.  But I could see it looming coming and when I got there, I still didnt like it completely.  But once I moved past it…wow.  I love it.  It is so pretty and the lighter flecks catch the eye in a good way, just like the darker flecks do and even the non-knitters in the house (everyone else!) say its so pretty and looks great.

My sisters socks are coming along slowly…SSS has kind-of taken over but its more of a Rogue takeover more than anything!  I work on them when I want something lighter on the eyes and Scouts yarn is so beautiful and soft.  I cant wait to post pictures of them…Soon, Jinny, soon!  I started another pair  that I will call Work Socks, more because they are only being worked on AT work 🙂  I havent decided on a stitch pattern yet but I am making it from Austermann Step that I bought from Sheri at the Loopy Ewe  (The colour that I bought is the one shown on the ‘Yarn’ page with all the other skeins…Sheri calls it ‘Ocean’ so you can understand why I had to get it, right?)  I love the hand already but it is a bit splitty but that might just be me remembering how to knit with 0’s and fingering weight yarn again!  I almost remember why I didnt like using such thin yarn but the fabric is so pretty and I do like it.  I think my best socks are the ones done with fingering weight yarn.  They look so perfectly done, even and I am always pleased with the fabric.  I should try to knit the sportweight with smaller needles and see if I like the fabric better.

Sisu becomes more and more of a fantastic companion day after day and I love her so much.  She comes to work with me and sits calmly by the desk or sleeps under it.   Everyone who meets her tells me how good and pretty she is…I think that parents who hear this about their children must always be proud.



  1. haha, we are back from Fall like 65 to 86 degrees breezy and blue skies..gotta keep knitting with sunny colours to remind you of brighter days!

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