Posted by: SisuGirl | September 15, 2007

The difference between

I decided to become a dog mummy a long time ago.  I researched breeds, searched the shelters, scanned the sale/freebie ads and finally sent emails to people with the breed I wanted asking them about prides and pitfalls of their dogs breed.  Then I contacted breeders.  Lots of breeders.  Some I liked, some I didn’t, some liked me, most didn’t.  I now see the downside to living in a town that is built 9′ off the ground…no yard to appease some breeders.  The fact that the surrounding land is National Forest and it is 17 MILLION acres and all for the hiking and walking and camping didn’t seem to get much kudos. But then I found them and they had this little girl dog that she thought would be perfect for my lifestyle of boat, home, hiking and bears.  And she is.  I had the best service in the world from the breeder and I am so happy with Sisu and the joy that she has brought to my like already is immeasurable.  While I was waiting for her arrival, I set out to make the house puppy friendly and safe.  I wanted to buy some toys and the jingle and commercials rang in my head until Petsmart came thru.  I jumped on the computer and ordered a collar, leash, deodorizer and 4 different dog toys.  They shipped almost immediatly and I had my confirmation number and tracking and all was good with the world on Aug. 23.

Its 9/15.  I have no Petsmart box to share with Sisu.

I called and at first, their CS number didnt work from Alaska.  So I called the headquarters phone number which I had to hunt down online.  So then I got transferred in circles.  Then I got to speak to 3 different people in the span of 24 hours who all told me that they couldnt transfer my call to the WEB CS which is different from the STORE CS but they would send a message right away.  Then, 18 hours later I talked to someone who said “Of Course I can do that for you!”  I thanked her profusely.

But then I talked to web CS who said they cant do anything and wont do anything until 10 full business days had passed.  Because of Labor Day (which I worked) and the weekends, I was speaking to him on the 10th day and that didnt count and considering that it was Friday, I would have to wait until Monday to phone in again.  That is, if your box isnt there Ma’am.  I’ll call on Monday.

Which I did.  And got an equally unhelpful guy who said that he would send my complaint to IT and to Tracking who would get on it right away.  But that means 2-3 business days.

So I called again on Thursday and got someone who said he would get started my paperwork to claim that I never received my box, which, BTW, the PO says doesnt exist.  But they still have to try to track it and someone will call you TONIGHT with that information Ma’am.  Tonight?  Yes Ma’am, I am taking it to the head of the line right now. Ok, great.

No call came for 28 hours.  So I called them.  I was so tired of the run around crap that I was given that I told the girl that I wanted a refund NOW and no, I was not going to wait for tech support nor tracking to get back to me.  I actually said”screw waiting for tracking because no one has gotten back to me from supervisors to tracking and I am sick of it”  I wasnt mad anymore, just resigned.  My items were charged to my card back in August and I wanted either money or the items and since I wasnt getting the items, I wanted my money back.

So she went to talk to her supervisor.  Who said that she had authorization to create a whole new order, not charge me for it and send it out speedy delivery.  She was bright, apologetic, so very helpful and we even chatted a but about Alaska while waiting for the system to let her work.  Together we worked to get the items from the old list/old system onto the new list/new system because none of the old numbers matched the new ones and the website was reorganized so nothing was where I left it.  We got everything though, thru teamwork and my new box is on its way.

This is the difference between good customer service and bad.  The first guy, who didnt take any notice of my worry and brushed it off as an overeager customer made the 1st mistake and sadly this was passed on and repeated to the next and the next people until I was at the end of my rope and demanding my money back.  And then this fantastic person did all in her power to make me happy and a repeat customer.  Thank you Amber.  You made my day and increased the possibility from zero to if-it-was-the-last-place-open-on-earth-and-Sisu-was-starving that I would ever shop there again.



  1. Great post

  2. I hope you get your box soon! Sisu needs a leash!

    My package arrived safe and sound yesterday. Thank you! I’ll take pictures and such tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Why didnt you call ME!!! I have leashes and collars and lots and yummy treats and toys for my fur baby neice!!
    maybe I will send you a few just for fun:)
    love you

  4. is someone impatient these days?? Is this someone being protective over her new baby? ewe are sooo funny!

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