Posted by: SisuGirl | September 11, 2007

A good mail day

Go see my flickr and enjoy the pictures of my fantastic mail day yesterday!  I had the day off and enjoyed every moment of not being online, organizing and planning changes in my room a bit, knitting and playing with Sisu.  It rained hardcore for the afternoon when I had to go to the post office but WOW…was it worth it.  Two boxes, one from Loopy Ewe, one from KnitPicks and both made me smile and happy.

From the Loopy Ewe, Sheep cards, Shibui yarns and a skein of Austermann that Sheri called Ocean and by default, I couldnt resist!  That and the fact that I have been wanting to try Austermann since last December.  Those sheep cards are so cute and the card junkie that I am mixed with the fact that these have been in my cart since Sheri first started stocking them meant they had to be mine this time around.  I’m not so thrilled with the pale baby colours of Shibui because I thought that it would be different based on the picture on the site…but thats OK.  I’m planning on doing the toes, heels and top of the cuffs with the semi-solids and the body of the socks with the multis.

From KnitPicks:  I got my Options needle set!!!  And 13 skeins of black Swish Superwash so I can finally get going again on the hats that I love.

Because I got the Options, I got to start my Rogue and I am so in love already

Rogue Start  This is working out well with the Lisa Souza Superwash and I want to do more and more!  Too bad that I have to work today.



  1. Definitely a good mail day! The color you chose for Rogue is just awesome.

  2. Don’t be disappointed by the varigated yarn until you see it take shape – I have used many varieties and it always seems like magic when it knits up into amazing colours/patterns. Cleaning out the sewing closet, I came across a latch hook rug that Nana bought many years ago and didn’t start – it’s started now and Sambo loves the latch hook- seriously slows down my work! For some reason – probably the stiffness of the canvass, both cats love to be on top of/rubbing on the rug when I’m working it, I may have to donate it to them in the end. Hugs..

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