Posted by: SisuGirl | September 9, 2007

We have a Winner!!

Emily of tattva1knits is the winner of my blog contest and of 2 skeins of Online Sock yarn and some goodies from Pelican, AK. Congrats Emily! I sent you an email asking for your address so I can get your goodies out to you ASAP. Depending on the weather it might be tomorrow or next spring. Why? Because we havent had planes for 2 days now. Not good at all. It means that my Options Needles, Loopy Ewe order, dog toys and surprise box are STILL out of my reach! Now that sucks. I so want all of them now and I want to know what that surprise is too!

In my knitting world, I finished the first of the Fat Bunny hats and though I LOVE the yarn, I really dont like the pattern too much. So I will be playing with that a bit 🙂 as soon as my needles and yarn come in and working on my other hats in the meantime.

Yesterday I posted about my awe over the Harmony needles and after careful consideration, I will pare my order down and not get as excited over them as I initially was. Why? Because I generally dont knit with wooden needles and I am not sure that I would really love them. I dont use them because I dont have them so it kind of cancels each other out so I will get the needles that I know will get used. DPN’s. For my socks. Because God knows that despite my reorganising of my time and schedule to housetrain and get into a new job, I have carved out plenty of time to work on socks. If my KP’s package would get here then I could finally work on my Rogue sweater…ARGH! So much to knit, so little time!

That and I havent even started on my Christmas knitting. Maybe everyone will get frozen or canned King Salmon with a pretty lable instead. I dont know anyone who would object really 🙂



  1. Yeouch. It must be rough to be so dependent on the weather for basic things like mail. Course, I know you love it up there, so it’s worth it.

    I actually prefer wooden/bamboo needles to the metal ones. The metal are just too slick for me. With the exception of the Addi Lace. They put some coating on them to give them just the barest hint of a grab, and it works just wonderfully. I wish they were made in the smaller sizes.

  2. You are getting so proficient with your knitting that your tension is probably pretty even once you get established with each pattern. The big advantage I found with wooden needles(as I travelled around the country) is that they don’t transfer heat as much as metal ones -yarn gets tight and sticky when you’re hot and sweaty! Tho in your zone, that’s rarely an issue! Maybe the metal ones would bet better to fight off the occasional bear 🙂 or do think feeding him the bamboo ones would give you time to run away? Yep, I’m goofy today…

  3. I have the knitpicks full needle set of nickel plated interchangable in all of the sizes that they carry and I am in love with them! I also have the small diameter fixed circular for sock knitting. They are great! I did break down and order a few of the small diameter harmony needles, just to try them. At least the interchangable ones work with the equipment that came with the nickel plated ones in case I want to get some of those as well! Excited about the woolgirl sock club, or what! I can’t wait!

  4. Thank you so much for adding comments to my blog. I love Scout as well! I got the turquoise snowbunny colorway and the van gogh (but in a merino/tencel blend). Such a beautiful colorway! Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! When are you getting married?

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