Posted by: SisuGirl | September 6, 2007

Good things and prior addictions

Thru observation, I have realised that life is so much better when you focus on the good things. For instance, I noticed that Sisu is now 1 week older so now I can tell people that she is 11 not 10 and she is actually almost 12…a whole 3 months!

I noticed that my order from Knitpicks changed from pending to shipped (!!!) so I should have my new needles and yarn for my hats on Saturday or Monday. I cant wait for those Options needles. I really want to cast on for the Rogue but have to wait for the smaller needles (Yes, I have decided to sallyforth with my gauge too big, I will just do the smaller size.)

I noticed that my Loopy Ewe order shipped too and that should be here first (Friday hopefully!) I cant wait to show it off to you all, there is some really, really pretty yarns in there. Of course, I mean, would Sheri carry icky yarns? No way.

I noticed that it was Wednesday yesterday and that means Stitch N Bitch with some of my friends. It was fantastic and we had a great time together and made new friends (new to the neighborhood). I love going because of all these older women there, I have the most experiance and I love being asked for help or my opinion. Its a good thing for me, I like helping.

I noticed that my rain coat doent leak and considering the amount of rain we have had over the past 3 days, that is such a good thing, you cant even imagine. Unless you live in a place where it could and has rained for 3 days (or more) straight, you can only imagine.

I noticed that using Lush products again do two things to me. A) Increased my shower time and B)reminds me of why I was so addicted and bought more of than then yarn. My experiance can be likened to an alcoholic going into a bar and getting that first whiff. With my first scent of the items that my Mum sent me (I had leftovers that I couldnt pack on my trip from Seattle to Sitka), it brought back memories and on using them in the shower…Oh.My.Gosh. I was back on the website as soon as I recovered from the experiance. The downside of Lush is that they think it necessary to charge such extreme shipping that I can never order from their US site whilst living in Alaska. Its thru the roof and I can honestly ship from the UK for less. Now that is obscene. Oh but the goodies that I crave from them…it would almost be worth it. The upside is that there is one in Bellevue, WA and one at a mall near my Mum and I think that if I beg and plead pretty hard, I may convince her to drive down to that fancy-pants mall that we always go to admire the Christmas decorations to go shopping for me 🙂 It would still cost less, adding in fuel and USPS shipping.

If you have never experianced Lush, let me give you some info. They are animal friendly and use no animal testing at all. Most of their products are vegetarian and many are vegan friendly too. The focus is on Fresh items and most products have an expiration date and could possibly go off if not used up in time. I have never had a problem with them being bad but their customer service is awesome if you have a problem. I once had a bottle of shower gel explode all over my order and they not only replaced the bottle that spilled but most of the items in the order too because the butcher paper they were wrapped in was soaked too. I know of people who have had mold on a soap and it was replaced with a bigger cutting. They make their soap like cheese; a big wheel most of the time, sometimes a shape, rarely a block and holy cow, the scents that they use…All natural with very few chemicals ever.

Solid Shampoo bars are one of my staples and I swear that it was the switch from commercial shampoo to this solid, largely chemical free Lush brand that stopped my head from itching and got rid of my dandruff permanently. I stopped using for a while and switched to Pert (because I am cheap and wanted to conserve my last bar) and they came back almost right away. There is nothing better and I have never had a bar run out before 2 months of use. You lather it in your hands like a bar of soap and then run your hands thru your hair (for short hair) or rub the bar on your head and on your hair (if its long). My hair is past my shoulder a good 4″ and I still have enough if I lather in my hands. A little bit goes a long way. I love Tricomainia is a staple for me because I like the smell that it leaves in my hair…a sunny coconutty warm smell. Reincarnate too because it reminds me of Singapore with its green, henna-y smell. Makes my hair shiny and bright too.

I could go on and on about Lush products. The Bubble bars are so nice, way nicer than the bath bombs I think. Hair Hennas just make your hair shiny and glow and so good smelling (they dye it too!) T for toes saved my life and lots of shoes and Silky Underwear make me happy to powder myself 🙂 Go check it out!



  1. did you reeeeaaallly check out the Lush web site that you likned to??? Did you see that a new store is as close as Lakeside???? Send your order to me you Lush Lover!! or start a list for your Christmas visit? or both!!

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