Posted by: SisuGirl | September 2, 2007

Not lost

Though I havent fallen off the edge of the ocean, I have fallen in love. She is black and white and has a cold nose. J came in last night and met her for the first time and already loves her too. She slept with us on the boat and I think that that sleeping together made his bond with her stronger already because she has been responding to him already. She comes to work with me and is so good about staying by my feet by the desk.

I got a job, more for the little extra money for kibble and yarn than anything else. Well, maybe not, maybe more for the need to get away from the house on Saturday and Sundays and noon and mornings and early evenings so I didnt kill a certain 13 year old niece who lives with us. She is a nice girl most of the time but there are attitude issues and lying problems and I certainly regret being such a PITA to my family if I was half as ‘bad’ as she is. Just ugh. Anyway, I loved being home for the hours that she was at school in the morning and after lunch but it was way too short. My job at the Alaska Seaplanes lets me bring Sisu with me, is only 6-7 hours a day and is spaced out so I can come home and go back, walk with Sisu and play out on the tidal flats with her too. As Martha Stewart would say, Its a good thing.

Knitting Front: There was a very, very full packing bag from Lisa Souza and I have wound the skeins of both Fat Bunny and the Superwash Merino into balls with a borrowed ball winder for which I am most greatful. Those skeins are huge 560 yarders and the yarn cakes are really big. I did one swatch for Rogue and will have to wait until my KP’s options come in before I can swatch again. I think that I might go with the instructions for a smaller sweater and have my gauge be a bit off (1 row and 1/2 stitch…I’m getting 5 and 7 versus 4.5 and 6) The smaller sweater is more shape hugging with the correct gauge but if I tried to do the larger one it would be way too large with the gauge being off and I dont think that I would like the fabric resulting in the right gauge because the yarn is more like a thin worsted-not yet sport. We shall see what happens but I want to swatch with the KP’s before deciding. That order is still pending though for some reason. Ive never had an order “pending” for so long, even before a holiday weekend and I even placed my order on Monday! Oh well, it will get here soon…along with my Birthday Box from my Mum, Sisu’s toys, Sisu’s collar and tag, Loopy Ewe order (also still pending because apparently I got in on the Sneak Up and got lucky with some birthday money and Shibui Knits šŸ™‚ ), and I think something else because I was given a warning that there would be something nice coming my way soon! Can you understand now why I stalk the maillady? Whats funny about this is that now I am the person who delivers the mail to the Post Office . Lifes little quirks šŸ™‚



  1. get any mail yet? did ya? huh? huh? did ya? did ya? Those pics are lovely and she looks like she will keep you busy keeping her busy! Did you take a day off on Labor day or did you labor? I made some phone calls and didn’t labor much but did spend 2 hrs cutting the lawn – It looks like a hay field and I’m going to hafta get the bags attached and start a new compost pile. Got some new perennials for the yard – more of the ones I put in last year – if they grow, they get to stay! Unka Steve helped me fix the mower – had the battery ground attached wrong! so hopefully my continually dying battery issue has been cured. I am going back to my yoga class tonight – I really miss it and can feel the extra miles on my bike tightening up my muscles-now I need yoga to lengthen them again. We have been getting some lovely cooler nights- down in the 50s – just like camping out..fall’s comin’

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