Posted by: SisuGirl | August 29, 2007

Never would I have believed

Never would I have believed on my 16th birthday that in 10 years…

…I would be 2 sizes and over 25lbs thinner than I was then and still dropping (Yeah, from a 16/18 and 200 to a 12 and 175…never woulda thunk).

…that I would be conventionally unemployed but happy (I was going to teach and love it and always do it…too bad I didnt really like conventional teaching).

…that my life would revolve around fish and boats (Um, no).

…that I would be living in the Pacific Northwest again (Born out here, raised in the mid-west, thought I wanted to live on the east coast)

…that I would have travelled and gotten as many stamps in my passport as I have now (London, yes, Singapore and China, no)

…that I would be engaged with a brand-new puppy (because I thought that I would be married and have a child or at least be pregnant).

…that I would be living with “parents” (I thought that I would have my own apartment, beautifully decorated of course!)

…that I wouldnt have a car (No roads will kinda negate the need for one)

…that I would live in a place with no roads and be generally cut off from general population (but I like the solitutde and lack of a rat-race)

…that I would be hunting and fishing and gathering the majority of my daily food (the Little House lifestyle always did appeal to me)

…that I would continue to read so voraciously that I would never consider living in a place without a steady book supply and have library cards to 4 different libraries in my wallet and belong to one what doesnt issue a card all at the same time (this one I should have guess though because even then I read all the time).

…that I would be learning to spin my own yarn (I didnt think that it was possible for ‘normal’ people for a long time, just for the people at Greenfield Village or other historic places…good think that I learned otherwise!)

…that I would be knitting at the level that I do (but considering my genetic background, it had to be there)

…that I would consume yarn so voraciously and desire new pretties so strongly (again, considering the family, it makes sense)

…that I would be so happy and content with where I am in life and where I think that I am going that I would consider myself quite fulfilled and satisfied that I really couldnt ask for anything more; that I would be healthy and strong and have a better self image now than I did then when I forced myself to think that my fat was OK; that I would be loved so much by so many people; that I would continue to be “a loner” but come to understand better the value it holds in never really feeling ‘alone’; that I would be engaged to someone who loves being a homebody too but who brings me out of my shell to socialise with his friends who are quickly becoming my friends too…

There is so much in my life that is normal now that I wouldnt have believed on that day. I still remember my party too…I had an ice-cream cake from Dairy Queen with Garfield on it and friends from school and church there and then the girls slept over. It was fantastic, Thanks again Mum and Jinny! I wouldnt have thought that my life would be so different from what I had loosly planned but I was open to anything and its gotten me here…

…10 years and a tonne of ‘life changes’ later, on my 26th Birthday, I am still open to anything and I know that I have the skills and fortitude to handle whatever comes forth. One would say I have ‘sisu’…both literally and figurativly 🙂 Happy Birthday Me!



  1. Happy Birthday!

    I used to love school field trips to Greenfield Village. Who knew what useful things you could pick up there? All that time hanging out in the print shop when I could have been learning to spin. Man, I blew it.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Tasha!! How awesome is it that you have so many wonderful things to reflect on 🙂 I wonder how many people actually end up where they think they would? I’m so completely different than I was at 16 (16 years ago this month!) too. You rural life is sounds so great and I love reading about it – Tad and I are shooting for something sort of similar.

    And congrats on your little puppy girl – aren’t they the best?? Great name too 🙂

  3. Reading this post makes me so very happy for your happiness….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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