Posted by: SisuGirl | August 28, 2007


SISU!Sisu and Tasha Please ignore the scary looking, very excited new fur-babies mommy! I obviously didnt fix my hair before the photo 🙂

Her name is Sisu (si- like you are saying “sit” without the ‘t’, su – like sue) It means Determination in Finnish and Intestinal fortitude (guts) in Norwegian. I think that any dog less than 4′ tall that has the breeding to go after a bear, has chased with adult dogs after a mountain lion and who plays in the backyard very close to an orchard with black bears and knows their scent and shown that she was on alert when they were there has both guts and determination. My sister gets the credit for this name, not because it was in her comments post with other names (Thanks Jinny!), but because she gave this name/word to me when she got married back in March 06. It was on a bumpersticker and I still have it. J and I had tossed up naming a boat Sisu but I claimed it for a dog. Better than for a child!

She is just what I wanted and I couldnt be happier with her. She is very friendly and interested in everything but not timid. Already she is great friends with Yeti (1 year) and while Chewie (8+ years) couldnt be bothered with her, Yeti keeps her playing and they rough and tumble all over the place. She likes walkies on the leash but free time to run and sniff on the flats already seems to be the winning choice. Sisu listens well and is mostly crate trained and, the joy for all parents, sleeps thru the night!

CONTEST UPDATE: I dont think that there will be lots of knitting today but thanks to everyone who has already posted a comment with their favourite patterns! Keep ’em coming and on the 9th I will announce the winner of the contest! Remember, all you need to do is post a comment telling me your favourite pattern, free or not, and you could win 2 skeins of Online Sock yarn plus Pelican goodies!



  1. Yay! Cute doggy! If we ever get a fenced in backyard, I’m going to want a dog.

  2. Sisu! I love it. I am part Finnish and I grew up with that word being thrown around during hard times.

    Oooh, a contest. My favorite pattern that I am having a blast with right now is the Babette Blanket, but it’s crochet, does that count? Otherwise I would have to say….I am totally enjoying making the Gift of Friendship Scarf. It’s a simple pattern, I’m even surprised at myself for saying it’s my favorite right now. But it calls for pretty yarn so it’s a nice one to work on.

  3. That’s such a cute dog!
    You made me think really hard about my favorite knitting pattern and I decided to go with the one I’ve used the most: Panta, quick, easy, and always a hit!.

  4. Happy birthday! It doesnt matter “where” in life you find yourself at, what matters is that you are content and happy with yourself!!!

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