Posted by: SisuGirl | August 27, 2007

Making time go faster

Ok…its 11:30am and I have been up since 6:30 and I want time to move faster. Since there is no real way to do this, the only way I know is to distract myself. Knitting has helped and I have done a scallop repeat on the PNW shawl, 1/2 a 16 row pattern repeat on my Mums socks and am planning on working again on my sisters next. I checked the mail for my yarn from Lisa but no go there. Its still early though, she only shipped on Friday.

I thought that I would use this post to talk about myself more…not like I dont enough šŸ™‚ But this is general information and is all knitting related!

Podcasts: These are a staple of my knitting pasttime because they are on all the time and I love knitting with ‘talking’ in the background. In the past I would have the TV on but then I would look or want to watch and this just works better. I love audio books but there are two stumbling blocks to this: 1)my Mac. The online library that I use is silly enough not to support Macs but considering that its based in Seattle, I understand. 2)my very small town. Though the library is awesome with the knitting content due to the awesome knitting librarian, there is very little choice in audio, especially CD’s that would be easy to take on the boat or upload onto the computer.

I listen to Lime n Violet with a passion and eagerly await every single episode. Though I am not active on the message board, I read the blog, love the new “daily chum” and laugh my way thru each hour. I have listened to them over and over again and its the #1 podcast that I listen to. J loves the music at the end and if they would make a compelation I would SO buy it.

Cast On, Damknit, Knitters Uncensored, She-knits, PassioKnits, Stash n Burn and Yarn Thing are all subscribed to and loved but each of those has their own, um, downsides. One has not so good levels or microphone coverage. One has too much music that breaks up the flow and one has an awesome podcaster who, sadly, has a vocabulary that is rather, um, limited, and swears a bit too much for me to really enjoy it. I still like them and I am subscribed to them and pick and choose depending on the mood šŸ™‚

Knitting Books: I only own 2 books and they are both sock books: Simple Knitted Socks by C. Schurch and Knitting on the Road by N. Bush. SKS is a staple for both ideas and basics and KOTR is more of idealistic, 1st-book-purchase-which-I-only-knit-1-pattern-from book. I love it but I still havent gotten back to it. I want to buy the Viking Patterns for Knitting by E. Lavold because of the very cool cables that originate from the midst of the knitting and doesnt have to go around the edge. I have a passion for cables and because of this, I would also love a book of cable patterns. I think the title is something like 220 Aran stitches…possibly, but I want it because not only does it have various widths (what it looks like at 4, 6, 8, 12, etc. stiches) but it has both the chart and the written directions.

Pattern source:

No, really. I love Knitty and get most of my patterns and ideas from there. I dont always knit what the pattern suggests but I do normally get my ideas for a new project from there. If not, I use the messageboards and find something cool too! I found the original “Fake Isle” from Magknits from a post there, Mariah help (a knitty pattern) and a repeat reference to Rogue, my future project!

Interweave Knits is amazing and in my “to knit” queue, most of my desires come from there. Sadly, my sweater making is restrained by my budget and when I rule the world, yarn will cost less so knitters will be rewarded for putting in their time in creating an item whos material cost is less than the mass produced item. Granted, I know that economically, this isnt really possible but who wants to have 2 tonnes of the same blue yarn and 5 million items made in the same yarn and colour?

There will probably be more posts trying to waste time…and if not, the next will be me snuggling the new furbaby!

FYI: MY Fur-Baby definition: A pet that is considered a member of your family and may or may not be a subsitite for children for various reasons (not wanting kids, not wanting kids yet, not being able to have kids, being single, etc.) A furbaby can be any type of animal at any age but is always considered a fur”baby” because they need regular care like babies.

I wanted to put this here because 1)someone searched “furbaby” and visited my blog and 2) I would rather be clear than have people wondering if I’m expecting!

Remember that theres a CONTEST on…Leave me a comment with your favorite pattern and you could win 2 skeins of Online sock yarn!!!



  1. i think my favorite pattern is the basic top down raglan… I have a leasure art book with 14 variations.. and while i haven’t knit them all, top down seamless raglan’s are the pattern i come back to again and again.

    after many years, i know i can ‘change’ the sleaves.. so long as i the right ratio of increases, i am free to change the top yoke, (and have!)

    I have yet other (this one for my grandson) on needles at the moment.
    some prefer EZ’ percentage system, other like on line pattern generators, but how every you get there, this basic sweater is a great pattern to know.

  2. My favorite pattern is definitely Stephanie Japel’s Cable-Down Raglan from the Spring 2007 issue of Interweave Knits! I’m going to finish mine tonight (my first sweater!), and the only thing I’d change is to make the raglan increases symmetrical.

  3. Hi,

    I saw that you have listened to my podcast and thought I would drop a line and say hello.

    I know the music can be a little over whelming which is why I have toned it down so I hope you have a listen and it is better for you šŸ™‚

    Take care

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