Posted by: SisuGirl | August 22, 2007


Yes, I still want to burn the PNW shawl but after 2 hours of rethreading in a lifeline and then lots n lots of winding and not a few tears, I am back to row 1 of the scallop edging. Yes, the offer still stands, mainly because I cant see myself doing it all again without any more mistakes and because I want the darn thing done and with more boat time and a new puppy on her way on Monday(!!!!!), I just cant see it happening. I know that persistance and stick-to-it-tive-ness is admirable but I dont want this beautiful thing to be like my sweater that my Mum was going to knit for me my freshman year of college. 8 years ago. I think that its still in swatch form but apparently, the yarn is there but the pattern was disliked (by her, I never saw a micron of fiber).

On the good side of knitting, there is a picture of J’s new boot socks (New socks)on my flickr and a shot that took me more shutter clicks than I would like to admit to get but in the end I am more than happy with it! Thats why I love digital cameras. I never have to buy film and I am never scared that I dont have the shot because I figure with so many taken, the odds are more in my favour! The only downside, which really isnt a downside to me with the editing and printing, is that the files are quite large and wordpress doesnt give me that much space to store pics. If you read regularly you know that I dont post many pictures because they take up so much of my space that I would have to buy more and I really dont want to do that now because I am cheap 🙂

I am also 2 repeats into my Garden Path socks, a personal design with leaf lace that will be for my Mum and complete her trio of “flower” socks. The first were the Daffodil socks in LL daffodil, the second were the Rose Trellis in CTH Old Rose and these third are in CTH Shade Garden and I am loving how they are coming out. Mum, you will LOVE them.

Still in the socks are the one that I will tease my sister with. I wish that I could show you the really neat trick I did when I had to rip out the short-row heel. I used a pattern for the SRH from a toe-up pattern and couldnt figure out why there would be 1″ of plain knitting before the instep because, duh, the entire bottom of the foot is plain knitting and then I realised that I needed to put the 1″ BEFORE the heel turn, not after like it said because I am going top down. So I grabbed on of my 000’s by Susan Bates and picked up one of the legs of each stitch back where I wanted to rip to and once I had all 30, went pulling and winding away. Perfectly done and I was so thrilled. J was less thrilled but understood that this was someting very cool.

I am off to check mail soon here…there should be a plane in any moment and not only should there be yarn waiting for me (more Kureyon) but a card from home! I’m still in search of names for the fur-baby-to-be, though I LOVE some of yours Jinny!



  1. OMG I want to go fishing with you!!! That salmon was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think you should pick Toolee ( but in Finnish) for the fur baby name! That would be easy to yell ” TOOLEE DONT POOP THERE!!! :)”
    Love you!

  2. I cant belive that you would dis me in front of the whole world about that sweater from way back when!! I moved it just the other day – the plastic bag it was stored in is so old that it has disintigrated!!
    So where are the whale fotos? I can see you sitting on the bucket and shooting pics of whales floating by…that would certainly win the ‘what i see from the john’ catagory in any contest. Dont sweat about the PNW shawl – leave it alone for a bit then go back to it. You will either tear it back and re finish it, or continue and not look at the wonky parts again! Wanna go out and see Mr Bean’s Vacation with me?? Wish we all lived closer…hugs

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