Posted by: SisuGirl | August 21, 2007

Weather or not

I have learned that weather is not a factor in fishing. Most of the time, you go regardless of wind and rain/snow because fish are just that pricey. You know how with a regular job, when you consider taking a sick day or a day off for vacation you think, “Ok, if I dont go in, thats a days pay of roughly $120 that I dont earn”? If we miss a day of fishing, thats easily $1500. No, there was no typo there. In the last 2 days of this king salmon opener we earned more than 2 months of my old salary and that is after expenses like fuel and food. We got lucky with a great morning bite and some huge fish in addition to a price raise and we all won this round. Lucky for us, the weather has been perfect all the way up until 4pm today and by that time we had already made up our minds to sell what we had at that moment and run into town. A great trip as J got to nap and I got to knit on a pair of socks that I am knitting for my sister Jinny for both her Birthday and Christmas present. I am tempted to give her one for her b-day (Sept 29) and save the 2nd for Christmas but I think that that would be too cruel considering that she gave some awesome names for the soon arriving fur-baby.

Speaking of knitting, please help with this decision! I have been working on my Pacific Northwest Shawl for way too long now and as I cant take it on the boat with me (too fine and I have to be able to drop it and keep it down the front of my raingear for those dull moments that need a knitting fix), it goes even slower right now. So I was sitting on the boat in harbor before we left and I was all excited that I was finishing with the 15th scallop shell on the 1st side meaning that I was half way done with the edging and almost done! And then I looked at the pattern again and realised that not only was I supposed to have 14 shells, I was supposed to have 5 stitches left before the middle and be ending on row 11, not finish and entire shell. And I wasnt supposed to have one shell all wonky and one way too small because I only worked the first 4 and last 4 instructions on the pattern. And instead of being able to rip back with abandon, I might have to ‘tink’ the entire 180 connecting stitches because those shells are connected to the body with a k2tog at the end of every other row. And I think that I want to burn the darn thing before I knit on it again and would if I wasnt so happy with the way the rest of it looks and how pretty it is going to be and how warm and all the other good things about it.

So how about it lace knitters? Will you fix and finish my PNW shawl for me and accept a pair of socks in return? I swear I dont really know what else to do with this and the genius that I am pulled out my last lifeline because I thought that I couldnt possibly need it any more. Thats what I get I suppose.

But I am serious about that trade offer.



  1. How soon do you need the shawl? I can’t do anything ’til after Christmas, but I’d finish it for you if you really can’t bear to – I totally understand that feeling.

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