Posted by: SisuGirl | August 15, 2007

A new member

My family has always been growing and changing. My parents were married and we had pets, some pets died and others came in though not at the same time or breed. My parents divorced and then there was a new stepmother and pets and then another stepmother and other pets. Sister got married and new BIL came with a dog. J and I have never had animals of our own and the fish do NOT count. Yes, they are on the boat but they arnt breathing nor are they snuggly!

So we talked about getting a dog or a cat. And talked some more, and talked more about breed and more about size and more about age or rescue dog, and more about expectations for training and desired partnership. We knew what we wanted after much research and talking: A Karelian Bear Dog. Loyal to the core, smart, fast and the best deterrent and guard against bears that is known to dog kind. These guys were bred originally in Finland and Russia to be bear guards for their humans. They bark, like all dogs, at bears but instead of running away from a charging bear, they run towards it. Their MO is to nip the bears backside and chase the bear a safe distance away before returning to their masters. This is, of course, after a lot of training. A fully trained dog is worth his weight in gold and for me, the peace of mind to be able to hike without being always freaked out would be great. I hike with a rifle and I know how to use it but there is no better nose than on a dog. Plus, I need a friend for some of those rather lonely days when J is gone fishing and days where I want to play on the beach instead of being too close to J on the boat. Every couple need their space and on a 43′ troller there isnt much to be had. We talked for a while about the sanity of me wanting to spend some hours on a beach or playing on the rocks and he is all for it and thinks that it would be perfect to have a dog with me. This is a great responsibility and we are very ready for it. Kinda like having a child but without the college bills! There are more bears per square mile on Yakobi island than any other place in the world. I would love to have the peace of mind that comes with not only knowing the area but also having a good friend there to explore too.

Take a look at our soon to be fur-baby!

Hopefully, I will have her on the 27th or 28th and I am looking for a name for her. I need suggestions and would love to go with something short and either Russian or Finnish. If we choose “your” name, I am sure there will be a skein of yarn with your name on it on its way to you soon! If you dont knit, there could be a knitted item there instead!



  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! That puppy is the cutest baby in the world(next to Sierra)
    So are you going to stay off the boat to be with the puppy? Where is the puppy going to live? Is J sr. allergic to the puppy?
    Cant wait to see more pictures of the girl!!!! here are a few Finnish names
    Kaiju (ki-you like the little boy cartoon) I like this one!
    Auli (ow-lee)
    Kirsi (kier-see)
    Riikka (Ree-kaa)
    Tuuli (Too-lee) I love this one! 🙂

    Pick a good one:) love you

  2. Very sweet! The training on the boat is going to be a challenge..good luck. Just remember that love conquers all, if she loves you, she will want to please you.
    I really like J9s suggestions for names – try shouting them out, like you were calling the dog and see what rolls best off your tongue.
    Riikka and Touli sound good to me – or Sisou, maybe the ssssses are too much?
    Nice to hear from you last night-I’m glad you got a shower before you called me. I bet I could have smelled you thru the line!!
    from the mummy bear

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