Posted by: SisuGirl | August 14, 2007

Sun, glorious Sun

The past 4 days have just been glorious beyond measure. Seriously, I cant remember better days all in a row of sun, less wind and no clouds to sully the view. This has been the best weather that anyone can remember for a closure in years. We have been camping, hunting and, of course, worked on the boat. Again this year it got a new paint of coat…that makes 3 in this summer alone 🙂

I have spun the Cider Moon and wow, is it pretty. I need to take another picture of it all spun up. Much more even than my first few attempts and bulky weight. I am spinning again with the original fiber and am making it very, very fine so I can ply it instead of making singles. Though I like spinning, I dont think that I am SO into it as I am knitting. I like dyeing but there is so much involved in making spinning perfect, I dont think that I can be that really focused to make it perfect or to do more with my handspun. I like knitting my skein that I have now. I’m making a simple hat because I realised that though I make them to sell to others, I havent one of my own!!!


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