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No, this post isnt about finally ending something in my life, rather, the salmon closure that affects me. Starting tonight at 11:59pm, no salmon fishing will be allowed for the next 6 days. That means that now is the time to fix the little leaks on the boat, re-tie the tag lines that broke, clean and re-tufflex the deck where the stuff bubbled up because it was poorly lain (done before our time) and go hiking, hunting and just relax in general because next Thursday will be the nest King salmon opener and all relaxation time will be lost. Seriously. 3:30am wake-up, fish ’till 7 or 8 if its slow or until the bite stops if its pumping, which would be dark, aka 11:30. Anchor up and finally get to bed only to do it over and over again. The upside to all this is that the price for Kings is roughly $50 each or $3.75 per pound. That is good money and with cohos still biting and them being $9 fish, we are more than happy to bust our butts for however long we can catch the kings. Cohos will be open until the end of September so we have plenty of time to keep going on those. For now though, I am going to enjoy my next few days off the boat and get ready to go hunting tomorrow in the beautiful weather that we should have!

Knitting front: I am still waiting to get my yarn from Lisa Souza, but thats because she had to get in and dye my yarn for me and I will have to make another order from KnitPicks for some black yarn and my birthday present from J…he is getting me the Options Needle set! I asked, he said OK and since I need a bit extra for free shipping, I will place my next order on the 15th. There are 2 16″ needles that arnt in stock until then so I will have to wait to make the order.
First Aquisition (not books) Take a look! I didnt buy the books, they are from the library and I will use a Baa Baa Black Sheep sweater pattern from the Slip-Stitch knitting book. The #3 fixed circs, the Essential in Green and Black and the Bare fingering are for that sweater. Again, no, I’m not pregnant, I just really like that sweater and want to try a new skill of slip-stitch knitting. I am hoping that I wont go crazy knitting with the fingering yarn because when I look at it, wow. I am so glad that I didnt choose to knit Thermal next because I think that I would have gone mad. I would like to use the KP’s Gloss to do a baby onesie so if anyone has a pattern, please let me know!

The next pattern for me and what I have decided to use the Lisa Souza yarn (still to be dyed and sent) is the Rogue sweater. This is a pattern from Girl from Auntie and I have been drooling over this one for about 3 years now. I actually had to decide between Rogue and Samus from Brynne Sutton on Knitty. I love cardies and might do that to Rogue but I think that I will probably leave it as is and make it a bit big so I can wear a few layers underneath for fishing.

A quick comment on wool versus acrylic. I am an unashamed fiber snob when it comes to wool versus acrylic. When I was growing up, I think that 90% of my sweaters were acrylic because wool was “itchy” and washable was #1. I’m not sure really, but this is what I assume…My mum will probably chime in and correct this if I’m wrong. Anyway, that worked for kids who wanted bright colours, were not out only in a sweater and didnt really have to deal with cold and rainy. We had snow in Michigan, where I spent the majority of my childhood, not the rain like I have here in SE Alaska. Wool is the best insulator there is and I swear, every time I wear a wool sweater and a more fashion consious girl wears her acrylic machine made ones, I am the warm one and she needs to get a coat. When you get wet, wool will keep you warm, despite being sodden. Acrylic is generally machine washable but since the creation of superwash, this is great for wool. Wool keeps its shape better and is more resistant to pilling. Granted, you never have to worry about a moth infestation with acrylic but where I live, A)its too cold for moths and B) what better excuse could I look for for buying more yarn on a regular basis than that I use it all up? Where did this commentary come from? Some smartarse was complaining that he would have to handwash and air dry one of my hats that he bought because I didnt make it from acrylic and then he went off about not liking wool because it was itchy and acrylic was warmer and all kinds of nonsense. I set him straight and though I thanked him for buying the hat, reminded him that he bought it because his fancy acrylic ones were just not cutting it when he was out in the mist and the rain on the ocean and would stay wet and cold for hours. Um…fishermen off the coast of Great Britan have been wearing wool for years. Shetland islands, anyone? I guess in this age of technology and “modern science” something that has been used for years must need improvement. I think superwash is the best improvement I could ever have asked for!

BTW, there is a picture of 2-just finished hats up on my flicker…go see!

Survey Alert: You NEED to go over to Damknits blog and take the survey: Here. This was created because Erin, the mastermind behind the blog and podcast was being teased about her grandma skills by some particularly heinous “friends”…one of whom is to be a recipiant of a baby sweater that is for her own soon to be born baby girl! Um, no. She podcasted and understandably ranted about it in episode #5 and created this survey. She wants to gather info about the average age of knitters to prove that knitters arnt always grandmas or pregnent ladies and she wants to share this with her mean friends (who I would never knit for again, BTW). Go take it and help her out! She plans to keep it up for the rest of the month and will share the info gathered with us then. According to Episode #6, so far the mean age is 37.

I’m going to save a review of the Viking Patterns for Knitting for next post, as well as talking about the Cider Moon roving and Glacier yarn that I got. I do have a pair of socks on the needles, a plain version done in Opal 6 ply in which I am getting my very first ever case of Second Sock Syndrome. I am 30 rnds into the leg and just dont want to touch them and this is after the first one went up in less than 2 days! Instead, I am leaving off the socks and will put in at LEAST 4 more scallops on my PNW shawl because really, it is time that I finished the darn thing…and I want to see how it looks blocked and wear it too 🙂 Maybe I will save for one of those pretty shawl pins from the Loopy Ewe.

Speaking of the Loopy Ewe…did you know that Sheri had her first anniversery on the 1st of the month? I was one of her first orders and, according to her, made the first big order she took on the 3rd. Something like $150 in sock yarn. Dont look at me like that…I was brand-new to socks and still love them and will order from her in a heartbeat. Did I mention I would love to have a gift cert to her site for my birthday? Hint, Hint, Family members!!



  1. Ive been looking all over for a nice “bringing baby home” gown and haven’t found anything I liked. Sadly I only have a month left to find and make one so it may not happen. However I have found some onsies! – mostly premies I love the old style swimsuit look of this one

    Those were just a few I stumbled across, hope it helps some!

  2. I have to admit to being a fiber snob as well….however, I just say, “I prefer ‘natural’ fibers”. I grew up in acrylic….hated it then, hate it now.

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