Posted by: SisuGirl | August 2, 2007

No words

There are no words coming to me to describe the last book of the Harry Potter series so I can only say read it. It was fantastic and consuming and tears and a fantastic ending. Go. Go get it now and love it with me.

There are also no words to describe the day that we are having today here in Pelican. Sunny and pretty and just fantastic. Granted, I am still wearing my Mariah and jeans but there were flip-flops! It would have been nice to have this weather yesterday but thats OK. J and his dad went hunting today and I am glad that they got to go out together. They have a great time together and they get to talk and considering that they will not get too much more time together before dad goes back to Kodiak, this is a good thing.

There has been some fantastic S.E.X in the works here and I will have to update you all soon. I’m updating my flicker today too so go look at the pics there from the past fishing trips and the hunting adventure too.



  1. All I want to know is………………………….. How come I got this crappy ass(I love and wear it hunting, I am just jealous) little camo hat!!!! When you can make SUPER BAD ASS hats like the ones in the pictures!!!!!!
    I want one in the Alaska color yarn(purple, blue, green) and in the pattern that is on the head of the person in the cabin of the boat. There is a flower shape on the top of the hat and then transitions down.
    YOU HAVE BEEN HOLDING OUT ON ME!!!! Now you are in trouble :):):):):):)
    I am glad you have that sweet ass camera because it takes awesome clear pictures. You look awesome and SKINNY by the way, soon I am going to be the pudgy one! To LATE!
    Mom said that you are doing well and having fun fishing and that is nice to hear!
    Stay safe and get to making my SWEET hat!
    Love you tons and hope to see you in the next 10 years!! J/K

  2. How come you didn’t share this site earlier ?- what a lovely journal of your adventures – both in fishies and fibres!!
    I had no idea your skills had advanced so far – congratulations! I can imagine Tashats being a new Alaskan staple 🙂

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