Posted by: SisuGirl | July 30, 2007

When you look at it

There are certain things that change when you look at them for a long time. Clouds can change before your eyes, rainbows seem to change color at different angles and, IME, words written over and over again can look spelled wrong even if they are right. Today, I found out that Socks that Rock impress me to a drooling desire on the Blue Moon site but when I see them knitted up I hardly feel a pull. I have seen so many different socks on flickr and various people blogs and once out of the skein or ball, I really dont see anything special. Like all handpaints, there is pooling/flashes in almost every object made (this is not a criticism, just an observation) and though the colorways are beautiful, unless the yarn itself contains a small amount of spun gold, I cant see what is so special about it to charge such a high price. I can knit a baby sweater with 3 colours/5 balls of yarn and needles for the price of 1 mediumweight skein, before shipping. To the credit of STR and BMFA, I have heard and know so knitters have become spoilt by the hand of the yarn and its ‘smooshy’ factor. I think that if I were gifted STR, I would love it for the beauty that it is and the socks that it will become but I will not go in search of it myself.

On the S.E.X. front, I will say upfront that I have been a good girl and shopped around before deciding what to buy.

I had been wanting to visit KnitPicks again and that is where the bulk of my S.E.X. occured. I bought yarn needed to make a babies sheep sweater (no, I’m NOT expecting): Green for the grass, Natural for the white sheep, Black for a single black sheep in Essential and Bare and then a skein of Cinnamon swish DK to pair with a pink and cream and darker reddish brown handdyed that I have had a partial ball of for quite some time and havent used. Add to that a 24″ #3 circ that I need for the babies sweater and that was my order. Of course, I wanted so much more both before and after I placed the order but, like I said, I was good and full of restraint.

Next stop was Cider Moon where I bought a skein of Glacier in the Albatross colourway in such a pretty blue, brown and cream color and I am thinking that it will look like Scouts Snowbunny. I also added a roving in the Morning Sky colorway which will be my first official roving purchase and since Lime and Violet raved about CM rovings on their latest podcast, I couldnt be happier that I bought it.

I am keeping myself from buying from the Loopy Ewe at the moment and I will wait until this weeks sneak-up to see if I have enough to make a legitmate order. Right now I have a shawl pin, some Soak, one of the counting bead bracelets and a pack of the sheepy cards. If there is yarn that I cant live without then I will consider the order again but I want to leave the shawl pin until I have FINISHED the PNW shawl (the pin I want is the eternity one in silver for the symbolism) and I should use the samples of Soak that I have first. The sheep cards are cute but expensive. So many thoughts!!



  1. I know what you mean inre the STR. It really applies to a lot of handpaints out there. The colors are just beautiful together, but the pooling can be so distracting and can make beauty look plain fugly.

    I will say that I’ve never actually used STR, and some folks really know how to work their yarns — see — but I don’t handle it well. 🙂

  2. Excited to hear what you think of “the Book” — I LOVED it.

    I finished my PNW shawls ——unveiled.html

    Yours must be finished by now, yes? Do you adore it??

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