Posted by: SisuGirl | July 28, 2007


Todays knitting comes with a lot of walking. Being back in Pelican means walking a lot from one end of town to another but, Oh My Gosh, does it feel great! A chance to walk all over and not have to think about staying in one place to work. More people to see that I have seen in more than a few days. Different people to talk to and gossip to hear from a small town, and trust me, there is always a lot when you live in a very small town. A store and a restaurant…fantastic.

So, the knitting visited quite a few places in town. #1: The post office. I picked up my intro to spinning kit from Maine Woods Yarn. Oh my gosh. This I went home with right away and had to pull out the fiber and spindle (true to picture on my moniter and the spindle is pretty too). I spun up the darker green batt into this lovely slubby yarn, totally by design of course 😉 I have no idea what I will do with it yet but the second batt, the light teal one, is almost perfect. I cant believe how fast I learned to do this. Of course, I think that I am doing it a bit wrong because I cant really draft and when I prep the fiber, I pull it off into long strips that I can just spin without having to use two hands. It works and until I can have someone to show me how to really do it, I am more than happy with my work. I am addicted already and I will place an order with Lisa Souza in the very near future. While at the post office, I also picked up a flat-rate envelope so I could mail my finished socks to my Mum for her Birthday (7.31).

#2 The Lisianski Inlet Cafe. There is a little gift shop in the Cafe and they carry lots of photo cards that locals have created and sweatshirts that *everyone* in SE Alaska has if they have ever visited Pelican and now, they carry my hand knitted hats!!! I had a few to show my fellow knitters and the owner of the shop saw them. She asked me if I sold them and said that no, not really because I didnt have a shop or any done on a regular basis. She bought them all, right then and there for $30, $30 and $20 with a 10% cut for selling them for me. It has to be the best, most invested $72 I have ever earned. I couldnt be happier.

#3 The Library. I knew that there would be a fellow knitter here because the librarian is one and not only is the the most encouraging person I know, she keeps the knitting section so well stocked that even Borders doesnt have as many pattern books. She was thrilled that I sold the hats and so was the other 2 knitters that were there too. I cant wait for winter to come so I can be in town more often for our weekly stitch n bitch. These ladies are such fun and I have never been around other knitters on a regular basis.

All the while, my current knitting project moved around the boardwalk with me. Over 3 miles of walking and gosh did it feel good to move.


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