Posted by: SisuGirl | July 26, 2007

On dry land

There are so many things that you take for granted when you live on dry land versus living on a boat. For instance, the ground doesnt move underneath you. Ok, smartarse, so maybe it does but you cant feel it. I, on the other hand can feel it NOT moving and after 10 days always feeling the floor shift under you, it is so strange to have it be still. We had good weather for the most part but the waves are aways there and it make a difference. Secondly, there is space to move around without having to walk around the hatch or jump down into the troll pit. Its kind of life moving from a dorm room back into a house for the summer, you’ve forgotten what its like not to have your kitchen, living room, bedroom and office all in one. Hallways are strange for the timebeing and so it is with me too. I wont even go into the joys of not having to use a 5 gallon bucket to answer the calls of nature. Though I am getting to be quite the fisherwoman, I did cry the first time I killed a fish but not the 3rd or +25th time I had just before selling our catch. I am still slow at coiling the gear so it doesnt tangle but I am getting faster every time. I can clean a fish in under 45 seconds and I couldnt be prouder. It still takes me 4 days to knit a pair of socks on 1’s but I am getting faster with that too!

Ok, so it did take me more than 4 days to knit the pair of Trellis Lace socks in Old Rose by CTH. More like a month, actually, but thats because there was moving involved and lots of stress, but really, once I sat down and started working on it again it only took me 2 days to finish the first and 2 days to do the entire second. They look so very pretty and I will post pictures in 4 days as soon as I can get my camera off the boat. J borrowed it because he has his SD card filled and wanted mine because…

We have seen SO many whales in the past 3 days, I couldnt believe it. There were about 10 in the first day and 1 even surfaced less than 10 feet from the boat. They have no cares about the boat and in 18 years of fishing J says he has never had a whale get snagged on his gear or has he ever heard of it happen to anyone. The sperm whales are smart when it comes to taking the fish right off the longline gear and wait until the longliner starts to pull its skates and will sample them, one at a time, and literally clear off an entire skate, over 100 hooks and over a mile long sometimes. We heard them all night long, surfacing nearby where we were anchored and saw them feeding by bubble netting. Its such a fantastic ‘whooshing’ sound and despite being completely worn out from working my butt off, I stayed up and listened to them. Before someone gets upset, we always move away from the whales when we can, we never go into their bubble netting area and we try to give them as much space as we can if we see little ones. The problem is that you never know where they will show up and cant waste time guessing. There are no laws or regualtions about fishing vessels about giving whales space and because of how our prop is set up, the only thing that can get caught and hurt by that is a fish. Trust me, if there was a rule, we would follow it and because of me, J gives them more room because I have such a green side.

More on the knitting front, I did a lot of hat knitting and pattern writing for the future. I designed a sock and I am working the kinks out of the pattern so if anyone would like to be a test knitter, please let me know! I would love to have someone else test this out and possibly offer it to Knitty or Mag knits, both publications that I love dearly. As with the sock and whale pictures, I will post pics of the hats that I did. I’m proud of them and I have found a women here who is willing to sell the “extras” in her shop whenever I have them. its great because I knit for my own relaxation and doing hats is pretty brainless for me. Since I can drop them whenever I need to run gear or clean fish, this works well for both of us. I can keep my hands busy between fish and she can have beautiful knittingfisher products in her store. Shall I tell you that she already has one of my hats from last year and she is thrilled with my current work so she is willing to sell them with very little, I dont know what to call it, cost to me? Money off the top? Meh, its not important and I am happy with what will come.


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