Posted by: SisuGirl | July 15, 2007

From the first trip

I made a grand total of $7.25 to go towards my fiber addiction. Yes, we did catch more fish than that and I swear that I cleaned about 50 of them but the ones that count toward my total were few and far between. 9 humpies (pink salmon), 9 kings and 270 coho made up this trip. Let me explain how my totals come into play here. J is a commercial troller and goes for the king salmon hot’nheavy for about 15 days a summer (thats all its open here). The other 90 days are for Coho (silver) salmon. These are the money fish for him. Usually, its not worth it to clean humpies for $0.25 a pound or dogs (still talking about fish here) for $0.75. Time and energy wise, when you have 100+ fish that are worth easily twice to three times as much, you dont want to spend the time cleaning those ‘other’ ones. It is easier to shake them from your lines and not kill them if they bite.

Unless you are so blessed to have a fiber addicted fiance with no other source of income who finds it fun and a useful part of her day, getting her out of the wheelhouse and into the troll pit with a very sharp cleaning knife and a hose. Keep in mind, trollers, that if you are searching for one of your own that you will have to put up with hertoo smelling like fish and often you will have to wipe the splattered blood off the end of her nose. Yes, this is the world that I love and I am so glad that J has let me be a real, working part of it. With every trip I ask to become more and more useful to him and as the trips progress, he teaches me more and more so I can me. At first it was just the driving. I say “just” but it is really more than driving a car down the road. God didnt decide to flood a flat plain and call it an ocean. Oh no, that would make fishing life too easy. He put shit in the way! There are rock pinnicals here and there, some slow rises that start at +50 fathoms (1 fa=6 ft) and then shoot up to 18 before you have time to swerve (and then put a mark on your charts so you avoid that part next time), there are reefs that are marked on the chart and others that seeming grew over the winter when no one was fishing there; stuff like that, in addition to all the other fish, jelly fish, sharks, whales, sea lions, otters and seals who alsowant your salmon. So I was “just” a driver for last season and the first few trips of this one.

Last year i started cleaning fish but was too girly when it came to sticking my (gloved) fingers in the gills to start gutting them and kinda shrieked when one or five, despite being dead, would have a spasm and start to flop about. From this trip, let me tell you, there is something really, really freaky about a fish that has no gills or guts to be flopping about in the to-be-slushed bin. Yes, it is dead. Dont you think you would be too? I had a whole paragraph about how we really are humane in how we fish but thought the better of it. If you want to talk about humanity, fishing and your plate, go see someone who doesnt do it for a living. I dont have the background yet but as a final word on this for the here and now, DONT BUY FARMED FISH! Insist that your salmon is WILD Alaskan. You know how they turn the flamingos pink at the zoo? They feed them specially dyed shrimp. Know how they turn your salmon to its real Alaskan pink? Same darn dye.

Knitting Front I finished a hat and Grrr (Knitty Summer 07). I made good headway into my Mums ankle socks (1st of the pair) but no progress on her lattice socks. I didnt want to have something that I needed to really look down at while I was steering the pst few days. The weather was crappy and there was loads of seaweed all over that needed to be missed. I did cast on another Fake Isle but am changing the stranded pattern so it wont really be a true to pattern Fake Isle anymore. My Syncopated Cap has gotten rave reviews and lots of people are asking for one. I’m going to have to think long and hard about how I would alter that pattern to make it my own if I wanted to sell but for now, I will make one more for a loved one and call it good. I have come up with a few really good colourways based on our trip and I hope that I can earn the money that I need to get started in dying soon. As I am still waiting for my drop spindle and fiber (its only been 3 days!), I am still entertaining ideas that I can be spinning and dyeing my own yarns for sale in the near future. I dare to dream.


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