Posted by: SisuGirl | July 11, 2007

Heaven Help Me, a new addiction

I know that every single one of the knitters that read have had the feeling of wanting to pounce on the postman. I am no different but I may be seen as a bit excessive as I want to go check now and have just finished sending the PayPal info.

No, I am not crazy but I am on that well-worn road as I just ordered this. Its not like I don’t already have a fiber addiction but I am thinking that its going to get worse from here on out. I’m just getting ready to go fishing and J tells me that my ‘whiskey line’ (a traditional, single line set from the back of the boat to catch fish that would be used to buy alcohol. No catch, no money for booze. In my case, I supply a wholly other addiction 🙂 ) had netted about $40. I knew that I didnt want more yarn but had been drooling over a drop spindle kit…so I caved. Forgive me.



  1. You are hooked!!! You will be adding to the spindle collection as well as the fiber and yarn collections.

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