Posted by: SisuGirl | July 10, 2007

Unlike some

Today, some people are blessed with warm weather, some with cool. Some will have cause to wear their swimsuits, others a freshly knit hat. Sadly, I am in the woolen hat direction. As Maddie pointed out, DC was F*****g hot yesterday and as I will point out, I was wearing jeans, T-shirt and a rain coat. When I went out later, I wore my Fake Isle hat and *gasp* no coat. Mainly because it stopped raining but the rain had cooled off our only 55-60 F weather and added a breeze (of course) of cold air coming off the mountains that stillhave snow! Yes Virginia, it is cold enough here in SE Alaska to still wear a wool hat but gosh, I would love to get warm all the way thru in DC. Granted, I would probably be in the air conditioned museums all the time but whatever.

Before I left Sitka I was in the market for a new knitting workbook/planner. I wanted a moleskine grid book but the only store that stocks them was out and had none on order. I wasnt about to order online and pay not only the high price but the psycho shipping as well so I just shrugged it off and went about my merry way to Ben Franklin to look for shrinky dink plastic. No dice at BF for the plastic but I got lucky in another way. I love having larger books to write in over having a smaller journal and when I get to make a choice, I will normally go with the larger even though it wont fit in smaller bags. I was looking at coloured pencils and happened to drop the cool box I was holding and it landed on these packs of graph paper. 8.5″x11″ graph paper. $2.49 for a pack of 4, 20 sheet booklets. $1.49 for a small 1/2″ neon green binder and less than $5 later, I have a knitting workbook/planner that I am in love with. Knitting workbook Check the Flickr for more pics too.

Review: Knitscene Fall 07
Now, I had heard, I think on Lime and Violet, that Knitscene was for the “younger” hipper generation. I have never fit in to that group, even now as I am still in that age range. I usually dislike the obnoxious coloured, close-fit, way too baggy, low-slung, cleavage bareing, useless unless sitting still for pictures “style” that is now. BUT…I loved this issue. With only 7 patterns that I wouldnt make (out of 26) and 2 of those being crochet which I dont know how to do, I can wholly see myself making almost everything else from this issue. IMHO, no truely obnoxious colours were used for the samples and, on the whole, they are functional and really day-to-day wearable/useable, even the things that I wouldnt make for myself/loved ones. The ‘cactus blossom’ will probably be first because I am on a fair isle kick and I would love to have a sweater like that. The ‘seaweed sweater’, though with a huge open weave, would be so nice as just something to pull over for just a little warmth. For J, the ‘hero pullover’ or the ‘highlands zip’ would be great for him. More likely the highland zip because he is more of a zipper kinda guy. Nearly everything I see in this issue has the possibility of my knitting it and I really, really am happy that I spent the money on it. At nearly $8 per issue, this was a huge investment for the time and I really enjoy the patterns…

(the con starts here)…with the complete exception of the infuriating and seemingly mandatory inclusion of every recent magazine of a caplet. I dont care what colour it is or how cool the stitch pattern is, its ugly and I know no one who would wear it. This includes my sister who is a fashionista and all her friends who are the same. I asked her to take a poll of her friends, without giving her my opinion, of what they thought of a caplet. This was far and widespread emailed poll and none of them liked it, would wear it or knew anyone who wore it or, in their opinion, would wear one. This is just my opinion and please, if you have a picture of yourself wearing one that you made in anyplace other than your living room, I honestly would love to see it. Please, please, prove me wrong about the uselessness of this object.


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