Posted by: SisuGirl | July 9, 2007


Sy Cap 1

I can believe how fast I really knit this Syncopated Cap. It really went up fast once I sat down and got into it. It really helped that I had 14 hours of travelling time over 3 days, not including the down time that I had in Juneau where I didnt have to worry about getting seasick whilst knitting. The nervousness that I felt while getting ready to put this hat on was so intense, I was almost ready to pack it in before I even put it on This was only my second attempt at stranding/Fair Isle and as it was so much more stranding than the Fake Isle I did on the 3rd, I was really nervous.

It fits like a dream and come low over my ears and Oh gosh, is it soft and lovely to wear. This picture in NO way shows my joy and elation that not only is it soft, fluffy and look pretty, it fits too!
Tasha in the SC

Stats: Syncopated Cap pattern by Kate Gilbert from the IK summer 07

Yarn/needles: Suggested, STR medium, 2-3 skeins (for MC and 2 CC for adults)/#2 circs and DPN’s

Used: Sirdar Country Style dk weight in natural and Cider Moon Glacier in Juneau. Both what I would consider medium weight yarn and a perfect sub as I had it in the stash and the darn BMFA page wouldnt load for me so I couldnt order. Oh darn, I had to use stash (*Insert rolling eyes here*) I still have enough of the CM to make another and, though I would have to finish with a new ball of the Sirdar, I would get almost to the end before running out.

Pluses: I love this pattern and want to make more. The yarn I used were perfect and I am so glad that I didnt have to buy anything. I was really in the mood for a more intricate stranding pattern and this gave it to me in a small, controlled space. Now I feel that I can more onwards and bigger.

Minuses: #2 needles. Not really but there has to be a downside somewhere! Actually, the downside is the job that I did stranding over some of the longer pieces. There were some places that I needed to float over 10 stitches and though I caught most of them and kept the tension right, many of them I didnt and there are little bulges on the right side that you can see when its laying flat. Not that this matters when its on!

On the negative side of everything, I can get on the BMFA site now and holey socks, Batman, do I want some of those sea inspired colourways!! Does it count as stash when it falls within your field of work and passion? How can they expect the Knittingfisher to resist something that references the sea??!!?? I mean really, did you notice that I have the J. Knits – Alaska colourway and the Cider Moon in Juneau and that because Sheri(who has J. Knits, Cider Moon AND Anne) named this colourway of Shaefer Anne, “World of the Sea” that I had to buy 2 skeins and it is becoming my wedding shawl??!!?? Notice a theme here people? Tell me why I shouldnt have some STR?



  1. Hmm. I can’t believe there’s a place on this continent that can be cold enough to wear a winter hat right now! Today was sooo hot in the Washington, DC area that I didn’t even want to leave the house. Alas, being at a boyfriend’s house means that at some point you do have to get up and go back to your own place. Great hat though!

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