Posted by: SisuGirl | July 8, 2007

Juneau the news?

Greetings from Juneau and the land of ROADS! I swear, coming from a place where the speed limit is 45 and there is only one 1/2 mile of road that you can actually go 45 on to a place where the minimum is 50 and you can hit and surpass that speed for over 6 miles, it was a trial by fire.

Juneau has 2 yarn shops and I was more than happy to plan going to them into my trip but there seemed to be a bug in that idea. Namely, the stores wouldnt return my phone calls and didnt answer the phone either. People, I dont have to tell you that yarn buyers are rarely cheap and when a person has a desire to go into a store and spend money, it is rarely for a single skein and if it is, there is a LOT of money spent on that skein. I know for a fact that this store (it is owned and named by the same person the same thing), has Malabrigo and some beautiful Raven Frog yarn that is only available in SE Alaska as the spinner/dyer is from Sitka and has a very limited supply. I would soooo love to get my hot little hands on either of these two products but noooo, I cant get a phone call back on any day of week (and I did try every day of the week) so I cant go in. Yes, I know that I could drive to the one downtown but there is the issue of the long-ish drive (25 mins) and then parking in a downtown tourist area (um, no.). As I didnt know the hours and no one answered the phone, one would have to assume they were closed and so I did. Not like I have a shortage of yarn.

Or of views:Mendenhall from R&C This is the view from my future SIL and BIL’s home. Can you see the background? Maybe this next shot will help describe it better for you.SCap w/yarn w/ view Look at the yarn. Its Cider Moon in Glacier in the Juneau colourway in front of the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau. How cool is that? The Syncopated Cap is coming along so well and I even got compliments on it while knitting on the ferry.

Speaking of which…I am learning how to knit with both hands and havent the faintest idea how to twist the yarns together over long strands without having to drop and pick up again. In the part of the pattern with few CC stitches I am back to knitting with one hand and just dropping and picking up. Is there a better way? Please tell me, dear reader, that you have a tip for me!


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