Posted by: SisuGirl | July 7, 2007

We’re off to see

a very small town with a bird name. Sadly, this does not sing as well as “the wizard” but at least it is accurate. I am all repacked and ready to be off to my new adventure. Although it is not the adventure that I had hoped for, when, for any of us, is it ever. It will be good, I know it and feel it and have faith that there is no way I can truly fall.

I repacked some clothes and decided that if I was going to survive better in Pelican for longer and being on the boat more, I needed a few different things. Honestly, I needed more yarn. I needed to have choices and a variety of project ideas, so what if they are all socks and hats! So instead of going for a month with only one project, I am taking only one small 3 drawer wheely thingy 🙂 The BoxTop BoxTop DrawerMiddle DrawerBottom DrawerThe fact that it is jammed full is overridden by my glee that I will now have choices! That one box on top is supposed to be my boat box but as of now it is serving as the “those drawers are full and this is empty because I am using my knitting purse so I can fill it with another 2 skeins and my shawl!” box. The top drawer is sock yarn and there is actually a skein missing of the pink and white On Line because I couldnt figure out how to get it in the shot without blocking the other pretties. Middle is both hat yarns, Kureyon and Swish Superwash and some De*vi that I bought last year and havent brought myself to making anything out of it yet. I think that it will become part of a hat. Bottom drawer is all my books, magazines, printouts and needles. I need organisation there more than anywhere!

Before I leave I need to go into town and buy a new knitting planning/organising book and have decided on a moleskine simply because I love the size and the paper quality. It will give me a jump on my soon to be orderly-ness as I will have 6 hours on the ferry to work on it!

We have gotten internet at home now and I will be excited to plug in whenever I get the chance. Hopefully back to regular updates. I really like this blogging thing and want to do more writing. I think I even have the rough etchings of a book, including a title 🙂


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