Posted by: SisuGirl | July 4, 2007

A busy holiday

Have I been busy the past 2 days? Why, yes, yes I have!

I made this 🙂KF’s Fake Isle If you dont know it off the top of your head, its Fake Isle by Amy King in MagKnits I have been lusting over this pattern for months and Monday evening, before seeing Transformers (we’ll get to that), I cast it on. I had one skein of Kureyon left over from doing a pair of mittens. Actually, it turned out to being 2 pairs because one side felted more than the other on the original pair so I had to make another pair and then ran out of Cascade 220 at the fingers, bought 2 skeins of Kureyon to spice up the fingers and then felted one of newpair more so then I just split them up and one of my students has a pair of mittens with a funky left mitten and I have a pair with a funky right. We love them:) Anyway, I loved working with the Kureyon and in my retail therapy mode, I bought 3 more skeins. One of which was this lovely colour seen here, #150. I got it so I could do the hat for J mainly because I didnt think that he would like the brightness of #154, #166 or #95 (no, I didnt buy here, they just have all the colours so you can see. But I might in the future cause that price is darn good!!) FYI, I was using the 154 for the mittens because I used a bright orange C220 originally and wanted the orange to match somewhat.

This turned out so much better than I expected! I have had only one other foray into intarsia and it whipped my butt because I didnt strand loosely enough in some places and way too much in others. It was one of those projects that you plan and work on for days and then go to try it on and start crying because you know you will have to frog because there is no one in your world that it would fit. I frogged it immedietly and vowed not to try again cause it was stupid. I was 15. For 10 years I managed to avoid intarsia and always claimed that everything I saw was just not my style until I saw this hat. The world stopped spinning and I had to make it but it would take almost another year before I got the guts to try. And it is nearly perfect! I had to change the needle size because I didnt have a 6 circ handy but I had a 7 in both the circs and the DPN’s (I ended up using 5’s by mistake/on purpose). So there is a bit of a needle change and when I make it again, I will use 5’s for the ribbing and 6’s for the rest.

I was so excited that I HAD to take pictures and show everyone the totally amazing hat that I made in a day and as I was uploading the pictures to my flickr I was reading blogs. And I came across Whitknits post that included something called a Syncopated Cap in IK Summer ’07 (scroll down) . Type it into Google and you will get over 20 different people talking about it, knitting it and generally pushing it on their blogs (I love you all) So I ran to get my copy of the magazine and eagerly flipped to the pattern. Now, the magazine came out in when, early June? It was being sent to my old work address along with all my other mail and I didnt get it or anything else until 6/30! P, the awesome friend that he is, saved all my mail from certain shredding for me and presented me with a huge manilla envelope full of mail. Because of the ensuing crazyness of moving in, repacking and trying to find a new job, I hadnt taken the time to look at it until this morning.

Oh, Baby. There is so much damage to be done from these patterns. Next up This is next, hopefully. I cant seem to navigate to the STR website to save my live and everytime I try I get timed out. I know that I could always call the Fold but I want to see the new colourways. The fisher in me is sqee-ing over the nautical type names!



  1. Hey!

    Was thinking about you – another of my favorite bloggers was just in Sitka for a conference.

    You’ve had lots of goings on (I’m catching up!) Hang in there – I do truly believe that things happen for a reason even though sometimes it’s really hard to see what it is at the time.

    A Vegas wedding sounds like fun! I had a traditional wedding, but wore a non-traditional gold colored cocktail dress (which I then got to wear for our first anniversary a year later)

    And I love your hat 🙂 It’s great!

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