Posted by: SisuGirl | July 2, 2007

And the knitting takes over again

As I dont have a job to learn, I now have a plethora of knitting time and I have been using it! I am to the patterning rows of my hat (roughly based on the ‘Fake Isle‘ from MagKnits)

Knitting Confession time: I have this thing for the 70’s style camera straps. Always loved them, even from a young age and have lusted over them for years. I have a Nikon D50 that I adore and take everywhere with me and take thousands of pictures with on a practically daily basis. I used to spend a thousands on film and developing every year and my family thought I was snap-happy then but when I finally splurged and bought this camera for my 24th birthday/new state-job-adventure present for myself, I have gone way futher. I love how you can choose what pictures you want to keep and only print what you want and it doesnt matter if you take 20 horrible, out of focus, over exposed or under exposed pictures because you can delete them later on and just keep the one that is exquisite. Trust me, I take a lot of pictures and they get viewed and deleted often. If there was a fire I would be grabbing my laptop, knitting bag and camera in that order. The plain, boring, black Nikon strap that the camera came with doesnt agree with me. Its just not me and since I like wildness in my stuff, not on me of course, I have to change it. I’ve had the camera for almost 2 years now and I havent found a 70’s style strap that I like, I decided to make a strap that I will be happy with. So I am knitting one (see, you knew it would tie into knitting somehow!). Despite loving the 70’s style, I dont have the patience to knit something that intricately woven so I am making a plain, felted strap out of Cascade 220 #9467, a beautiful dark periwinkle colour that I had been lusting over but had no project for. This is my mindless knitting project as it is plain garter and I am looking forward to getting it done. I’ve done 8″ so far and I love it. Working with Cascade is such a dream and felting it is so easy so I cant wait for that part either.

Fueling the knitting is coffee. I’m not picky enough to really miss my Seattle coffee shops and I fully admit to drinking the Western Family brand (cheapest possible) because I cant really taste a difference. I chose to be snobbish about my fiber instead of my coffee but this doesnt extend to the rest of food but that is another post. Anyway, I love French Presses for both the style and the simplicity of them. I got my first one in college because we were not allowed to have coffee makers in the residence halls. At that point, coffee was my special Saturday treat and because of this press it became a morning standard and started my internal battle, still raging to this day, questioning “Tea or Coffee?” I’ve never really liked drip coffee makers and fussing with the water and the filters just doesnt appeal to me but since my original FP broke and a friend gave me hers, I was willing to make the switch. After one day it broke. I was getting up at 6:30am and I needed coffee. So I bought a new FP but this one is so very cool. I had to think about this purchase because a) I have no income of my own, b) I will be living on a boat and c) its rather chilly and very breezy always in SE Alaska on the ocean. What did I get? This in Wasabi and it so totally rocks. Its insulated and I just add my coffee and coffeemate and hot water, put the press lid on, steep it and plunge and drink away. It is now 3 hours after I made it and its still slightly warm, not hot but I would still call it warm and drink it (and I dont drink cool/cold coffee) This is going to be perfect for the boat too so I am excited to get up there and use it.



  1. So did you make a camera strap? I want to make one and would love to see pics of yours if you did and possibly a pattern?


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