Posted by: SisuGirl | June 30, 2007

As the dust settles…

there is a feeling of sadness mingled with the knowledge that there must be a good reason that this all has happened.

The plan, as of midnight last night is for me to return to Pelican and to fish with J. This was plan 2A from earlier this spring and after talking for a while, J and I admit that it actually is a good plan and we are looking forward to it. The rest of this week will be me re-shuffling stuff and deciding on what I cant go at least 3 more months without. Namely, this would be different clothes, more yarn and at least one more pair of shoes. There may be, “At Knits End” added to that pile and a few earrings but that would be about it.

I really am OK with this move back but because of its timing, I cant talk to J about any important other things that are going on too. He will be out fishing for about 10 days and I found out that for less than $350, I can fly back to MI and see my family for 2 weeks but I would have to make my plans ASAP. He was supposed to phone me this morning at 10 and never did, in fact, I didnt speak to him all day. This is not a good thing in lots of ways. *Edited for content. Just send good thoughts*

This crappy/sad/renewed feeling has sat with me all day today and was in sore need of retail therapy. Not really an option when you have just lost your job but I realised that I had $30 in my PayPal that I didnt have anyplace to send and there is a store just out of the center of town that stocks Kureon. Since I have decided to start a Lizard Ridge as my long term project, this was perfect. I bought 3 skeins and they are so pretty and I cant wait to get started. I’m going to wait until I get back to Pelican just because it will be easier to print there cause I dont have a printer here 🙂 I also sorted a bunch of my yarn today and have it all organised in a little clear wheely drawer thingy (you all know what I am talking about so dont laugh!). Now I can see it and have a nice safe place to keep it all in the house. I still have the perfect locking-lid everything-proof box that I keep my ‘Current’ works in while on the boat and my little Go-Knit-esque style bag that I use for my at-the-moment sock. So much organisation for a little bit of string. To me, its the organisation that allows me to be able to think enough to make that string into a wearable garment.

How do you organise your stash or does it run your life?



  1. I’m glad you’ve got something you can fall back on.

    I don’t have any advice for your situation with J. Just good luck wishes.

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