Posted by: SisuGirl | June 29, 2007

Its good to be back

Can I just say how utterly awesome it is to be back online, especially here and now because I am able to access ALL websites.  There are no blocks on a college campus like there are at high schools and that means that I can read all the blogspot blogs and download all the podcasts that I want to.  I had 7 episodes of Lime and Violet to download and I have been getting my fix.

My apartment still looks like something exploded but now it is more of an orderly mess because I have been able to organize the boxes.  Strange though it may seem, I am liking living without lots of stuff around but gosh, it will be great to get it out and put away and organized and everything.  I bought some really pretty prints and cards that I want to frame and get up there but I cant do that until I spackle and paint and I am NOT doing that for someone elses apartment…unless they are a really good friend.  So I have to go without for a few more days with an apartment that looks like I am ready to move out until the boss gets back on Sunday and then I hear if I can stay or move to another place in a few weeks.  Like I said last time, keep your needles crossed for me cause I really like it here and can even envision what I want to do and where things will go and how pretty and homey I can make it here.

Has anyone else had problems with the Blue Moon website?  I have been trying for the past 2 days to get over there to see the new colourways and I keep getting the “problem loading page” because it times out.  Of course, this only happens when I decide that I want to try some Socks that Rock but maybe its the universe telling me that….

I just lost my job.  The job that I havent even started yet.  The college is closing and none of us have jobs.

Dear God what the heck am I going to do now?



  1. Wait a minute, the job that you just got that was brand new and just perfect for you?

    Well, shit, that just sucks a lot.

    (Not that it helps a whole lot, but I was just able to get to Blue Moon with no problem.)

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