Posted by: SisuGirl | June 28, 2007

Back from the Lost

This is hella long post but its the journal that I have kept over the past 2 months of everything. Enjoy and I will get back to regular posting after this:

It has been an interesting and quite busy few weeks here in KnittingFisher land. Both in the knitting department and the fishing/boat world. On Saturday evening, J came “home” to Sitka and helped me pack while watching episodes of “Earth 2”. I used to watch that show after “seaQuest DSV” and even though I wasn’t truly devoted to it like I was to seaQuest, I liked the Sci-Fi adventure aspect. J liked it too and we got thru the entire series (only 1 season was ever made). Thank goodness for public libraries DVD rental ☺

Anyway, we packed and moved my load o’stuff on Sunday and were ocean bound and headed to Pelican on Sunday around 4pm. I brought with me a backpack of clothes for the next 6 weeks and a tote with my camera, pillows, coats, shoes and, of course, my knitting. I kept it to only 3 projects and with one of them almost done and it only being the 3rd full day here, I am hoping that I will have enough to keep my hands and mind busy. The library here is small but a knitter runs it so there is no lack of new knitting reads and she even has the newest Yarn Harlot…Yay! I am limiting myself to the pages that I read so that I can make it last longer ☺ we have been hard at work on the boat and managed to scrape the bulwarks and paint them in a span of 3 days. Well, J did the scraping because “Its my boat” and he was feeling responsible for it. It’s a once in a lifetime of our ownership task so I didn’t feel too bad about him doing it. I offered and he refused me every time. I did give him a really good hand, wrist and arm massage these past 3 nights though. As of today, the boat is ‘Sandalwood Tan’, black, red rails and a almost white-grey wheelhouse. Too many colours for a boat and the tan looks almost flesh colored…not the nicest thing and J really wants to go back to dark grey…my suggestion in the first place.

Two days into it and the tan has grown on us. So much so that J, after taking one good look at the paint when it was dried that he wanted it ALL that color and started scraping the perfectly good black paint off the hull. That, despite best intentions and working hard on it all day long, took the better part of two days. I just finished painting the entire thing tan and it is looking pretty sharp. I don’t think that I would have chosen that colour if giving my druthers but now that its on and done (3/4 at least), I know that I DO like how original that it looks. I have to put on another coat still but we are fishing tomorrow and one coat is better than none. A friend has the boat next to us and after seeing me lay in the sun yesterday, he pulled out and offered his hammock for my lazing. I jumped at the chance and although it was much cooler today than it was yesterday due to the westerly wind, it was fun to lounge in a hammock. I didn’t do too much lounging though because I FINISHED MY MARIAH!! It looks so beautiful and I would only make one or two changes to it…namely in the hood area. Why put hoods onto a sweater if you cant wear the hood? I pulled it up and J said that I looked like Juggernaut from X-men. There is no shoulder shaping around that area so it just slopes down into one solid piece. Aside from that, I love, love, love it. It fits like a dream and looks so good on. I am going to measure and order a zipper ASAP. I am thinking that I want a black one to contrast with the red instead of a red one to match. A double zipper too so that I can have that cool 2 way thing ☺ I wish that I had it now so that I could wear it out tonight and everyday after this. There is a “girls night” tonight at a friend’s house and though I can’t stay as long as I would normally or drink excessively (like that is fun anyhow!), I am really looking forward to going out. Last night, J had a “boys night” here at the house and there were 8 guys over here playing Halo until midnight! It’s got to be a boy thing. I sat and knit on the Mariah hood from Hades because it was taking so flippin’ long to knit those last 14 inches. I swear, it took me longer to do that hood than any other part of the sweater, including the yoke.

I have gotten many compliments on the sweater, even without the zipper and I can’t wait to order one and put it in. The summer here is never that warm that I couldn’t be wearing a sweater if I really wanted to, especially out on the boat/on the ocean.

J has finally told me what he wants for a wedding and it IS a tie and white dress ideal for him. I was in the frame of mind that I could not have that but I understand that that is what is important to him. He really wants and needs that time to showoff to his family and friends. To me, simply because I am here, there isn’t that need in me. If I was home in MI, you can better believe that I would be having a huge to-do. Please note: If you have strong feeling about the special-ness of wedding gowns, please don’t judge me for what I am about to say* I hate the idea of buying a fancy-pants dress that I will only ever wear once. I don’t believe that nonsensical idea that “my daughter will wear it” because no one I know has worn their mothers dress because it was SO dated by the time it was ready to be worn again. No matter how “classic” a dress might be, about 25 years after it was at its height of fashion, it wont still be there. This also goes with the thought that there are no guarantees that you will even have a daughter, that she would get married herself or and she would have the same taste as you. No, for me, buying a new dress for this span of 2-3 hours borders on the absurd and foolish. That said, I would still love to wear one. I will look into renting a dress but there are no rental places in Sitka or Juneau so hopefully I can find a place that will not only rent but also ship it to me. I will dwell in hope. Everything else seems pretty easy to do in my mind. I am going to buy some pots and pot various green plants into them, 3 actually, and then use those with some little Christmas lights to decorate the stage. I want to have flowers in my hair, a small bouquet for me and a boutonnière for

I have been working on my shawl and now that the date has been moved back, I can take a bit more time with it and work on it in the loving caring manner that I wanted to, not feel rushed and stressed about it.

The body of the shawl is done and it looks fantastic! I am so happy with it and already getting into the ‘scalloped’ edging. Another person that I ‘know’ from her blog is also working on the shawl and left me a comment that the edging is taking just about as long as the body. I think that I must be doing something right because I am whippin’ right thru it ☺ I am already into the 3rd one of 14…on side #1…there are 14 on the other side too…so technically, I am 1/7th of the way done and I am very excited about that. It is looking pretty too and I have great visions of me in this. I will wear it with my dress, which you can see here ( terrace strapless dress). Yes, I gave in and bought a dress but I am glowing because it is simple and pretty and cost me less than $150. I am going to borrow my sisters shoes and my old with be my Nana’s pearls. So I have all the Old, New, Borrowed, Blue bits taken care of and just have the massive headache of the rest of the wedding to deal with. Yes, I know that I said that “everything else seemed easy in my mind” but for heavens sake, I was way off. My Mum asked me so questions about things to do, other set-ups for the wedding and then my head felt like it was going to explode. This in addition to writing the ceremony because we are being very non-traditional and J’s sister R is doing the wedding. I think that we will borrow from other ceremonies but there is still the aspect of putting it all together and making it our own.

So tell me why it is that I am doing all the planning and organizing for something that I don’t even really want to have. Flat out, I am not really interested, nor do I want to have a wedding. I would rather skip the ceremony and have a big party with everyone there celebrating our union. I don’t know if I would regret this in the future/when I get old, but the headache that this is going to be in addition to starting a new job and training for a marathon, I just don’t know if this is going to be worth it all. I wanted to tell our family that we were going to Vegas or Fiji or Hawaii and go to a resort and have the hotel take care of everything for us, just bring the bride and groom. They could come to the wedding AND have a vacation all in one. I would love that. We could have the nice dress, pretty pictures, be original and have sun and surf all without the headaches of normal wedding planning. Yes, it would be a bit more expensive but it would be great to have a vacation like that. I need to tell J that I don’t want all this but he keeps saying, “That’s the girls job to plan all this. Don’t all girls love this wedding stuff and planning?” When I say No, I really don’t, he kinda laughs it off and pretends that I wasn’t serious.

Yes, it has been a long time since I journaled / blogged. I have actually been busy and none of that time has been knitting. I had to sit down yesterday and give myself some knitting time and it felt so good to work on my sock. I thought that I didn’t have enough projects when I first came out here to Pelican. I only brought a pair of socks, 1st cuff 2 patterened rows before the heel, ¾ done Mariah and 2 more lace pattern rows for my Pacific Northwest Shawl to do the body. Here I am now, at the last 3 days of my “summer vacation” and I am done with the Mariah (minus the zipper), finished the body of the shawl (and managed to knit 13 scallop shells for the edging…ON THE WRONG FLIPPIN’ SIDE of the shawl. Now, I’ve done 5…on the correct side.), and started the gusset on the first sock. The socks really have taken backseat to my other knitting and when we went to Hoonah for this past week, a perfect time for me to knit on them, I didn’t take a single thing with me. I thought that I would be doing a lot more on the boat than I did, more for the sheer reason that the jobs were more technical that I knew, more physically demanding than I could do or, we only had one paint brush ☺ I did do a lot of reading and walking though and it was so good to spend the time with Jamie and work on the boat.

The ride there and back was good and I am finally breaking J of the annoying habit of leaving at 10 pm and then running all night to get wherever ‘there’ is. We get there and he is crabby and tired and then crashes at 6 pm and sleeps for 12 -14 hours. When I make him pull over and anchor up around 12, he gets some dinner, gets to bed around 1:30, gets up around 7 or 8 and then we get ‘there’ later in the afternoon. BUT, the difference is that he is functional until 10:30 pm and we can actually get some of the work that we are ‘there’ to do, done ☺

I cant wait to get back to Sitka and my regular life as it were. I know that I am not the kind of person that can sit around without a job and these past few weeks of not really being productive has been, quite frankly, driving me nuts. The days on the boat have been my life savers and I feel free and useful all at the same time. I cant wait to get back into the routine of a steady job and the satisfaction of a good days work. I am a bit nervous about starting something brand new but, like everything else in my life so far, I’m sure that it will go well and I will become a stronger better person and grow from it. I cant wait!

On the wedding front, after getting very nervous and having a really hard time thinking more and planning for the Sitka wedding, I had a serious heart to heart with J and realized that I truly didn’t want to have wedding in Sitka. I didn’t want to have to plan a wedding by myself or deal with all the stress that it would involve. J wouldn’t be back in Sitka until the beginning of October and I don’t think that everything could have been planned in that short of time. So I talked to him again about a wedding in Las Vegas being a better deal for all around. My biggest fear is that his mother is going to freak out over the idea that her eldest son is going to get married in “Sin City”. She has made disparaging comments about LV and really was pushing for a Sitka wedding. The good thing is that J thinks that it’s a great idea and his only hold up is that he wants ME to be happy with our wedding, wherever we have it. He doesn’t want me to be upset with not having a traditional wedding with all our friends. The positive side of this, including the fact that J was thinking about me and my feelings, is that I have very few friends in Sitka and my family, who really wants to be there and be involved, will really love the idea of going to Las Vegas for a long weekend instead of going to Sitka for a week in the rain.

On the road again…rather, on the water again ☺ We left Pelican last night, ran for about an hour and a half before anchoring up and having to fix an oil leak in the engine. The downside of the leak was where it was and how long the engine had been on. It had to cool off and that meant that it gave J time to sleep because he had been up since 3 am fishing. It was 8 pm. I couldn’t sleep however and played a bit with Garage Band on my Mac before climbing into bed about 10. It was the worst nights sleep of our life. J was up battling mosquitoes that I never heard, dreaming about crazy things like putting bottom paint on his feet so they wont itch, flipping on the LED light right next to my head and shoving his elbows into my face. Needless to say, I wasn’t really happy when he finally climbed out of bed and fixed the engine around 5 am. He was also confused as to why I was crabby about the light and elbows and wanted to stay in bed until 7. I did tell him and he did understand and cuddled with me when I got up to his calls of “Tasha, come look at the whales!” It was awesome seeing them, like always and it put me into a much better mood. I did go back to bed for a while though, mainly because I hate taking Dramamine and the ocean swell was something crazy. It was beautiful weather and there was no wind to speak of but the swell was about 7 feet and really close together meaning that we would rise and fall but also get hit with another wave mid fall and get pushed in another direction.

Yesterday started the move in to what will hopefully be my permanent new place. I called my new boss yesterday afternoon and asked for a key and he said though he would love to give me one, he was leaving town and the person who cuts the keys was out of town until tomorrow (yesterday). Luckily, one of my new underlings was around and she phoned me yesterday at 4 and said, “I have your new key!” I rushed over and got it and it looks, to all intents and purposes that I will be living in family housing, not the main (only) dorm. This is fantastic news! They haven’t had a director living out here so it might be a change for the residents but considering that most of them are staff, I shouldn’t think that there will be many problems. I will find out on Sunday or Monday if this is going to be mine forever but I truly hope and pray that it is. It would be so nice to have a separation from my work, even if I do live there. Another plus of this place? I can have pets here and I have been thinking and talking with J about getting a dog or a cat and we both agree that we want one of either…maybe one of each ☺ Keep your fingers crossed for me and in the mean time, check out my Fliker for some pictures of my summer! I’m going to be moving boxes like mad today but unpacking only a few just in case. I have fully unpacked and set up only to have to move again in 2 weeks and I wont be doing that again.



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