Posted by: SisuGirl | May 12, 2007

Mariah Stage 7

I have been knitting like a mad woman the past few days and I am now 6 rows into the yoke. Good heavens, the darn thing is heavy and awkward and I’m not sure that its gonna fit!! The back is perfect but the fronts I am not so sure about, just because they look so flippin small. Its the ribbing, I know, and I have gauge so according to the pattern, it should be perfect…I pray! My goal is to get it almost done, just not blocked and sewn, before J gets back, and at this rate, its not gonna happen. I got thru all the pieces quickly enough, just not so much when they are all connected together! The Duh moment for the day. I am working steadly on that but there is no way I can get that all done before this evening.

The 4 P’s socks that I made were quickly snatched up, even before blocking and P put them on before I even had the ends woven in. Cider Moon Glacier is fantastic and I cant wait to knit with it again. I have over 3/4 a skein of Habanero left and I will 2 at the same time toe-ups with that and there are 2 skeins of Juneau as well. I had started a pair of toe-ups with that but I dont really like toe-ups so ripping that started toe out reallys isn’t a hardship.

The PNW Shawl has been put aside for a little while as J was in town but until he returns, it is #1 on the needles. When he is around, I make the worst mistakes and end up frogging and I really dont want to do that with this “wave” section of the lace because it is the largest thus far, both in stitch count and row count. Even the panels that follow arnt as large. I really am happy with it so far and I cant wait to wear it!

On a personal note, I am thinking about buying a truck. Its a ’93 Ford 150 and its $4,500. There is no body damage or leaks and its in fantastic condition. Although it wont get great milage, simply for being so big, the engine is in great shape and I am excited about it. When J gets in we will go for a drive together but the guy has promised not to sell it out from under me. Yay!



  1. The “wave” is the hardest section of the body – you’ll FLY after that. I’m done with the body and am about to start the shell edging. I will say this – do NOT underestimate the time it will take to do the edging. I realize now that I’m starting it that it may well take me just as long as the body! Yow!

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