Posted by: SisuGirl | May 6, 2007


While my Internet is acting up, I will be “forced” to blog via Word for Mac so bear with me if the format is just a bit off.

J came in this morning and seeing him coloured my whole day happy. Yes, I do talk like this to the amusement of my friends. There was much kissing and then we took a nap together on the boat. Luckily, we woke up just as our friends were casting off and I got left on the dock to go to work myself while they went to pitch off the 10,000 lbs of halibut they all had just caught. I went to pick him up tonight for “Family Night” dinner here at the school and afterwards he was more than happy to take a nap while I finished work this evening. Granted, now the nap has turned into a sleep, but he really needs it. Though he tries to play off 21hrs of working as nothing, I know that he wears himself out doing it and needs the extra time to rest and get back to 100%. Not that I blame him. I am a 7hrs a night person myself.

Due to request, I put two pictures of my Lucky Shoes (aka the Danskos) up on my Flickr site. The colour is very true on my monitor but YMMV. I love them more and more each day and say “thank you” every time someone compliments me on them. I think it’s the shine that catches peoples eye ☺ Link is HERE

I spent a good portion of Wednesday laying in the sun and soaking up the 60 degree weather…until this little bird and his girlfriend made me laugh until I cried and I had to go inside and get my camera. If you have never been up close and personal with a hummingbird, you are really missing out. The buzz of their wings, the little chittering noise that they make, the determinedness of their entire being…its just so amazing to me. So I had to spend another portion of the day trying to photograph them. One good snap, that is all I asked for. Nope. So you get to see the sub-par but still pretty decent shots that I got off. That little one in profile has a brilliant red, shiny breast that kept throwing the focus of my camera off and since I couldn’t adjust in manual that fast, I had to get it without the light catching the shiny bits. The male was green and red and pushy too. He would chase his mate all over the place but it was so neat to see them together. I didn’t really get a good shot of him without a flower in the way but that works too!

I have had a fantastic few days hanging out with J and it was so lovely to just be with him. I finished the 4 P’s socks on Saturday night while watching a movie and will post pictures tomorrow. Now it is Sunday and I only have 5 more days of work here at the High School before summer break. What a great feeling and a sad one all at the same time. I love the kids but I am really looking forward to the challenge of the new job and the joy of working with college students again. Not to mention that I am sorely in need of boat camping/fishing/vacation/relaxing.


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