Posted by: SisuGirl | May 1, 2007

Self-control and indulgence

I am normally a person who has a lot of self control. I exercise this control over my emotions, habits (with the possible exception of random acts of S.E.X.) and especially over my wallet. I know what its like to be poor and to generally go without and I dont want that for myself as I get older. I make sure that a large chunk of my paycheck goes into savings for that proverbial rainy day and for future travels.

After 5 YEARS of lusting, it rained, no it poured, on Thursday. I have wanted this item for, honestly and with no exaggeration, 5 years. What could possibly have my attention and my deepest feelings of want for all this time? A pair of Dansko shoes. Yes, its true. I have wanted a pair of shoes for 5 years. I know it seems a bit ridiculous but really, I just either didnt have the money (they run between $100 and $160 a pair), they didnt have my size is the pair I wanted (a BEAUTIFUL pair in mahogany cabrio leather that was too big), the leather was wrong (No WAY was I buying a pair of SUEDE leather shoes in a place that gets as much rain as Seattle!) or the red, cause I have this ‘thing’ for red shoes, was way too much (patent leather red doesnt quite say the right type of ‘professional’ to me). And then, I found them.

I walked into Brenners on Thursday to buy a new dress shirt for my amazing interview and there they were. A pair of “Lime” professional clogs by Dansko. I wouldnt call them lime though. They have streaks of new spring green with some lime and cream and sky blue in them. The effect is that of woodgrain and they look like spring. They are patent leather and just seeing them makes me smile and am SO glad that I waited for this rainy day. Yes, it was actually raining that day too 🙂 Lo and behold, they not only had my size but the fit is perfect and I have had so many compliments that it only reinforces my happiness in them! I jokingly called them my “Lucky shoes” when I got them (they being green and all that back story) and thought of them as my 1 big treat for myself. I havent bought anything special for myself in a while (since the last batch of yarn 🙂 ) and I was thinking that, hopefully, they would bring me luck.


I got the job that I was praying for and the one that I have been wanting and looking for for years. It is amazing to see how my pathways have led to this new one and I am so excited to get started. I will start my new job as Director of Residence Life and First Year Programs in July which leaves the entire month of June and half of May to fish with J! The salary is more than I hoped for, about 10k more than I make now and has full benefits, housing and a small meal plan. Its 12 months a year and I get to wear nicer clothing than jeans and a t or sweatshirt…I get to wear jeans and a button down! And my Lucky Shoes of course 🙂

I have been knitting these past few days to aliviate my nervousness about getting the post and managed to get thru not only the bubble lace on the PNW shawl but also 2 pattern rows into the “wave” lace.  On my Mariah, I finished the 2nd sleeve and am 5 rows into the stockinette of the back, past the ribbed/cables bit.  I have been watching the 1st season of Las Vegas obsessively and the plain K and P is perfect for being mindless.  For the lace I just turn on old episodes of Lime and Violet, to which I still laugh at.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That’s awesome news Tasha 🙂 And I totally know what you’re talking about with the Dansko’s – I have an inherited pair, plain, classic blue; but I lust after all their gorgeous shoes and won’t allow myself to buy… Someday, maybe when I need some LUCK 🙂

  2. Yay yippie yippie yay! Take pictures of your new shoes; the green sounds lovely and the Dansko site doesn’t show that color.

  3. Congratulations! Enjoy your new Danskos–I know I love mine.

  4. Congratulations on the job. Danskos are great shoes. I have a couple of pairs, some I’ve had for almost 10 years!

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