Posted by: SisuGirl | April 28, 2007

Awesome Interview

I have been looking for a new job for quite some time now. My current job is funded by a grant which is expiring at the end of this school year (May 17th to be exact!). The State of Alaska doesnt seem to think that the positions funded by this grant are worthy of funding on the professional level so, sadly, I will be out of a job here on the 17th. The state wants to fund the positions as rec staff but even taking into consideration that it would be a State job and eligible for benifits, I couldnt live in Sitka on the pay they could manage and I know that I am worth more than $13 an hour, especially when minimum wage to live in Sitka is $17.

So…I have been honestly looking since December. I found one that I thought was perfect and it fell thru. I found another that would keep me in Sitka and that had lots of problems with the company. I came across a third that looked so positive but then they went with someone else who could start in April instead of me in May. Then I went to a professional conference at the end of February in Calgary, AB and heard about this job. And I didnt apply. “the college has lots of problems” “I would rather wait for a UA_ opening” ” So and so didnt like working there” Was all that I heard in my head and from friends as well. So I waited for that UA_ opening and it wasnt coming and I realised that ALL colleges/Unis have problems and that this one felt them more accutely because they were a)private and church run and b) so very small. Money is ALWAYS an issue and their size leant to easier change oppertunities, especially with a Dean of Students who wanted change and was open to new and different ideas for his students.

Enter me.

I applied at the end of March, had a phone interview the first Wendsday in April, waited quite impatiently for a phone call about stage 2, worried because I didnt get the call after one week, was freaking out because I still didnt have the call at the end of the 2nd week, cried on the phone to my Mum when I got an email response to mine saying that there was a message gone astray then because not only did they leave me a message at the beginning of the second week but I was their top candidate, stressed over my lack of interview clothes because work here is VERY causal (jeans and t or sweatshirt) and aside from a pair of wool slacks, had nothing presentable, went and spent over $200 on a beautiful shirt w/ pin tucks and a undershirt (cause the first is very fine) that were necessary and a pair of Dansko clogs that were not but highly desired and lusted over for about 5 years now and only now were in a colour that I couldnt live without and caught my eye the moment I walked into the store, had a 5 hour interview and time on campus seeing if I was the right “fit” and got on well with other staff and was as *hopefully* impressive in person as I was on the phone, meeting the President of the college and him telling me that he loved my ideas and the direction that I was leading and could foresee, and now…

Now, I wait. The Dean said that he would be getting back to me very soon and he said so with a smile on his face and I felt that the whole thing was and would be a great experiance for me. I love the school and the challenge that it will be to work there. There are lots of chances to improve on student life there for the person with the vision to do so and I feel that I AM THAT PERSON. There was only ease and good feelings as I interacted with other staff members and students and I know that this would be an excellent fit, both for myself and for them. I got on well with the staff that I would be working with and be overseeing and have nothing but happy thoughts in that direction because we were already teasing each other and laughing together and talking about plans and possibilities.

Pray for me and the right things to happen. I really want this and can see how my past experiances of not only these 2 years of working at the HS but all my Res life time too has been leading in this direction.

Now I need to go run off this nervousness šŸ™‚



  1. Best of luck! I hope it works out for you!

  2. I will be thinking positive thoughts for you!

  3. Ooh. I always hate the waiting period after an interview. I’m thinking good thoughts for you!

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