Posted by: SisuGirl | April 23, 2007

A good weekend

Though I spent a lot of time knitting this weekend, nothing compares to being able to actually run and move. Yes, my fingers are in tip top shape and more conditioned than any other part of my body but because of my ankle/foot really hurting and needing ice and painkillers, this cancelled out my running altogether. And that sucks because I am so addicted to moving and I love running now. This is odd considering my body type but makes sense with the family history (my father ran in high school and college w scholarships) Its the only connection that I have with my father but I prefer to think of this as something that seperates me from my Mum and sister, both who hate running. But I love to run, especially on a treadmill or on the boardwalk in Pelican. Regular pavement is so much harder to run on! I tried running outside a week ago and that was the hardest thing that I have done running-wise so far. And I will try that again in a few weeks cause it was great to push myself 🙂

Books I’m reading
I love to read and do so voraciously. Its my nighttime relaxation thing and I just HAVE to read before I fall asleep and I have found that if I dont read, I dont sleep so well and it takes me longer to fall asleep. The Brian Jaques book is the most recent in the Redwall series to which I am addicted to as well 🙂 I have been reading this series since 8th grade and have read and re-read the series as the new ones come out. Sadly, my copies are at my Mums house and as soon as I have a place to live on a more permanent basis, they will be mine again. I am ripping thru this one and it makes me smile. Girl meets God is an autobiography by Lauren Winner and is covers her faith life and she journeys from Orthodox Judaism to Christianity. Its a fantastic book and I have read it multiple time and have gotten other books because of this one. Yes, there are little flags in the book, they mark reference points and other books. At Knits End is a treat like fine chocolate that you can only eat one tiny piece of at a time. It is special to me and is like a little treat at the end of a day. Yarn Harlot makes me laugh and nod and that is a good feeling to go to bed with.

Mariah Stage 6 I Love my Mariah. The second sleeve is coming along so well and its much faster than the first one.

I made a pot of clam chowder yesterday, Manhattan style, and it is SO GOOD. Its nowhere near as good as restaurant made or if I had followed a recipie…but its almost gone so that says something! I cut lots of corners and used a tin of Veg-All, tin of stewed tomatoes, 1/2 tin of tomato paste, tin of baby clams and a bottle of clam juice. The point being I wanted Manhattan Clam Chowder and I didnt want my Mum to send me any because I wanted it NOW.

Update on my Cafepress/Runagogo adventure. I ordered and they shipped my zip-up hoodie on April 8th. It arrived in Seattle on the 11th. It hasnt arrived here yet and its the 23rd. So I called customer service and right away, just after I told the guy about my shipping concerns, he responds with, “Well, I will send you out a new one today via 2 day UPS and you should have that on Thursday. If the other one comes, you just keep that one too.” YAY for awesome service and I am so hopeing that I will have it by this weekend. The joy of living in Sitka is the joy of flying or barging in all the things that we have here. Everything. And this means that shipping times are subjected to the whims of Mother Nature and despite the best efforts of USPS and their “Code” of Neither wind nor Rain, they obviously didnt have Alaska in mind when they were established. Granted, this was before AK was a state and before quite a few other states were in exsistance either, but my point remains! Hope springs eternal though and I have my fingers and toes crossed to have my sweatshirt by Friday.



  1. That sounds like great customer service from Cafe Press. And the ankle will heal.

  2. One of my dogs is named for a Redwall character 😉

    Take care of that ankle!!

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