Posted by: SisuGirl | April 20, 2007

Joined the hoards…

of people who use Flickr! I dont know why I was waiting to do this but it is nice that I have a place that I can organise my photos better. I just posted a bunch of pictures there so go see! I put pictures from last summer in the inspiration for the upcoming one and an *gulp* update of my stash. Sadly, I dont think that I have used more than I have…in fact, I know that I havent. That Loopy Ewe Groupie bag has become the second safe stash place and is quite useful for keeping dust off the stash.

I like blogs with pictures but I noticed that wordpress doesnt help you reduce the size of your pictures and since my camera still takes “large” pictures, even on its ‘basic’ and ‘small’ settings, I am going thru my alotted MB at an astonishing rate. Flickr is going to be a fantastic saver of my space and I can still plan on posting one pretty picture per post…making my blog appeal, at least to me, more appealing and let me link to the other pictures on Flickr. A win-win situation.Falls #1 This is a shot of the base of the falls and is about 1/5 of the size of the “real” ones. There are about 10 different falls in the inlet from Sunnyside onwards and I could spend time loving all of them. J and I took our engagement picture here and that shot is on my Flickr too 🙂


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