Posted by: SisuGirl | April 19, 2007

Fishing + Romance = LDR

Ah, the joys of dating a fisherman. J was in town and then out again and sometimes I swear that I dont see him more than I do! Life goes on however and if I dont get this job that I am hoping for, I will see him more than either of us can stand because we will be fishing together. An interesting thought and not just a little bit scary. The good thing is that we are both scared but in a good way and actually looking forward to that being the plan, should God will it. We both would rather I have the steady paying consistant job but if not, this is a comfy plan 2A (not plan B, cause plan B requires forethought that hasnt been thought yet!) We had a great night together on the boat and had a fun morning together pitching fish and a bit of odds and ends. Namely, the ADF&G numbers got repainted in black enamel and it looks so pretty and shiny.

My Mariah is coming along well and I have finished the first sleeve! And then I noticed that I didnt increase on the left side of said sleeve TWICE (after doing so on the Right) No, I am not going to frog it. I’m going to be lazy and pray the knitting goddesses out there wont punish me by sending swarms of moths and I will simply increase 2 more stitches on the L side in the last two rows before I slide them to the holder and begin on sleeve 2 and do it the right way on that one. Since the increases are in the seam I dont think that it will be noticiable. If it is, then I will admit defeat and frog but not before. Of course, I had to attatch a new ball 6 stitches before the end!! I would have done it on the edge if I had remembered and I will probably pull that back and do it right…but I hate “wasting” all that yarn. I know that its a bit odd but really, If I had not left such a long tail on the cast-on, I wouldnt have run out like I did. *Sigh*

I have been really good about working out and feel great for all my miles that I am logging for Runagogo and myself.

Unfortunatly, I did somthing to my ankle/foot on Wednesday and it feels like a sprain when I walk on it so today (Thursday) was full of ice and resting for it. No running for me until maybe tomorrow and if its not 100%, I will have fun with weights instead 🙂 Either way, I will be at the gym!


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