Posted by: SisuGirl | April 12, 2007


The joys of being a part of a relatively small school is that you sometimes get to travel with a different group. I am now in Craig (still SE Alaska) and surrounded by student government reps from various schools around Alaska. All around Alaska. We have kids here from Barrow and Point Hope, Juneau and Kalawok, North Pole and Fairbanks and everything in between. They are WAY cooler than the SC kids when I was in High School. At my school the SC group was the popular kids but were not that cool with the things that they did. No real changes were instigated by them and I can think of one neat thing that they did. Possibly homecoming and that is a stretch to the pop culture definition of “neat”.

These kids are neat and driven and well-established and already successful as people. I am so happy when I think about the future of Alaska if they are any indication.


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