Posted by: SisuGirl | April 8, 2007

Lots of yarn

This post has lots of tags mainly because this has been a busy weekend for me. A good kind of busy too and that makes me feel immensely satisfied; isnt that how we all should feel at the beginning of the week?

On the knitting front: Mariah sleeves finally got more attention and I am almost thru the second repeat of the cable, this time I remembered to do the blasted increases! It is easy to knit and memorise, even if it is cables. I am still in love with this red yarn and I cant wait until its a sweater 🙂 I’m going to finish this sleeve and then CO the back. I think that I might go faster with the stockinette stitches and not feel so slow. Most likely though I will do the second sleeve so I can have 2 matching.

The PNW Shawl got plenty of attention too and I just finished another 4 rows before blogging and got 8 done over Friday and Saturday. This is coming up beautifully in the Anne and I couldnt be happier with the color. Wether or not I ever attempt a lace project remains to be seen. I just dont know if it is worth it for daily wear. For my special day however, I will knit just about anything!!!

I CO a sock in Juneau (Glacier by Cider Moon) and yesterday I got my box with 2 skeins of their Habanero colourway and another of Juneau. Why so much Juneau? Because I want this pair to be knee socks. One of the Habanero is for P’s socks and the other is for J (who LOVES his European Waffles!) I swear that I am adding more to than I am knitting from my stash for the LnV marathon! I’m too scared to count what I have now (and what I will add from Scout in 2 weeks) and I think that I will hold off and not buy ANYTHING else until at least August. You are my witnesses. No more yarn until after the wedding! I am going to CO P’s socks today because I want to get those done by May 1st or so.

Springtime in Sitka really is beautiful. The trees have started to sprout again and though nothing has turned that beautiful “new green” colour yet, the moss ON the trees has and that looks pretty too. New grasses are coming up and the daffodils are getting ready to pop. It has been quite windy here the past 3 days and will be for the next 3 if the Marine forecast is anything to go on. Its funny to realise that once you start dating a fisherman you no longer trust the weatherman on the TV rather, your trusted source is the computerised voice that comes over the NOAA channel.

No special plans for Easter here because it is a regular workday for me but I did get up earlier than normal and get in a 2 mile run at the school gym and did arm weights, leg lifts and crunches.

Hope you have a Happy and Blessed Easter!



  1. Dying to see your PNW shawl. I’m an ex-Alaskan living in (blech) CA and desperately trying to move my family to Oregon late this summer.

    I am knitting the PNW shawl and I AM using the Zephyr yarn — which is lighter weight than the yarn you’ve chosen and I am using a size 8 needle. I should probably use a size 9 ’cause I’m STILL not quite getting gague, but I can’t bear to do that. I’m sticking with the 8 and if it’s a little small, so be it!!

    I am shocked to hear of people who knit it on size 4 or even the suggested size 6. People must sure knit loose — yowza. LOL!

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