Posted by: SisuGirl | April 5, 2007

HELP Needed!

In an appeal to all of you know know more about wordpress than I do (roughly 99.9% of the world), how in the name of springtime do you add a “ticker” to your pages? I want to chronicle my runs with one from the so I made one, have the code that they created for blogs (versus for messageboards) and I cant, for the life of me, figure out how to get it to show up on my blog! I tried putting it in as a Text widget and as an RSS one (because I didnt know what other ones to try) and neither of them show up when I view. I can see them saved on my Widgets bar when I look there but never on my site even after I “save changes”

Can you help me? Cause the same goes for when I try to do my WIP section too…wordpress just combines whatever I write instead of leaving it spaced and seperated.




  1. Well, there are a couple of issues.

    If you’re putting text into a text widget, it will just run it all together. Text editors ignore extra spaces. That’s probably what’s happening with your WIP section. Try adding a if you want there to be just one line break, or wrap the text in & for each separate paragraph.

    If you’re trying to make any of these changes today, WordPress is having MAJOR issues with widgets. Most people aren’t able to make changes and have them display properly. I’ve been fiddling around all day and finally went to send a message to support, when I noticed a message on the forums saying this was a known issue and that it would be resolved, sometime. So I’d leave things alone until WordPress is all fixed up, and then have a go again.

  2. oops, I’m not sure how to get html to show up in the comments. You need a {br /} tag or {p} tags (use instead of {}).

    Maybe do a search for html for blogs if you need some tips and aren’t familiar with html.

  3. that should read use “the greater than” or “less than symbols”


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