Posted by: SisuGirl | April 3, 2007

I get a little…

…philisophical on sunny mornings in the spring time. I was feeling SO good that I went photo-graphing around Sitka and want to share so beware…this is a picture link heavy post. Mt Edgecumbe from Sealing cove
…was the view that I had when I looked over my shoulder when crossing the bridge. When I looked down into the cove/harbor, this is what I saw…Herring w/colour change H2O Sorry that its sideways…for the life of me I couldnt fix that! If you look carefully at the right side (or the bottom if you can tilt it!) you can see hundreds of HERRING! They started spawning yesterday and today it was taking over the harbor and cove. See that colour change in the water. Yeah, that is all milt and eggs. It was so cool to watch the herring…they were like a swarm!Herring Swarm

If you are interested…Sitka is actually made up of two main islands and quite a few outlying ones. We are the biggest borough and county in the US. Sitka proper is the two islands of Baranof and Japonski. I live on Japonski and with the exception of the Native Hospital, Coast Guard station and Airport, the school is the only thing here. If you want supplies for living, you have to cross the bridge. Anyone who has lived in a small outlying community knows that a bridge less than a mile can seem like 20 to all the people who live on the “other” side who want a good reason for not visiting. This is town on the downward side of the bridge:Sitka small Though we may be huge in landmass, we are tiny in roads for a “city”. 14 miles from end to end and honestly, there is a sign at both ends of the road that say “End Of Road”. Forest abounds and I LOVE it. There are 8000 people and that is just big enough for me.

What inspired this trek to the foreign land? A wee flower that says nothing but spring and new life to me. Crocus Full SizedThis one is smaller so it wont take so much time to load but gosh, I wish I could share all my crocus pictures with everyone. I have one shot on my desktop and I dont want to have windows open so I can see it!Crocus small This little flower is so hardy and amazing. I just think that less than a week ago I was lying in bed watching the snow fall and we had 6″ and 3 days of sun later, this is what shows its face. Just beautiful.


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