Posted by: SisuGirl | March 29, 2007

Hospital fun

For a few nights this past week I had been woken up in the middle of the night with this extreme pain in my lower chest/upper stomach. Nights one and two woke me up with these pains but werent so bad that I couldnt sleep. Night 3 nothing. No pain, no nothing. Night 4 woke me up and kept me up for quite a few hours and made me really sick. Night 5 held nothing pain wise but I was so scared that it would that it took me a long while to fall asleep. Day 6, J came into town (!) and we were talking about me calling in “sick” but about 2pm the pain came back just after I ate some lunch. This time, it was almost unbearable. I was sick quite a few times and really did go home sick because I hurt so bad. J and I talked about me going to the doctor but I was resistant because it would cost “alot”. J said that was dumb and I promised call the next day for an appointment. I really had never had pain that lasted long enough that I would even think of going to see the doctor but that pain from day 6 lasted until 5am on day 7. Day 7, I was pain free until 10 ish because that is when I finished a cup of cocoa and banana ginger bread from a local coffee shop. I could feel the pain coming on immediatly and that it was going to be really bad. P took one look at me and said “lets go”. I made my appointment for 1230 and by the time I was at the doctors office at 12 to fill in papers, I was in so much pain that I was crying and trying my best not to move.

I swear that I have never been in such pain in my entire life and Holy God, I wouldnt wish that on anyone. The best way that I can explain it is the feeling of being punched over and over again with an uppercut without any hope of stopping. The doctor came in talked to be about my history of this pain, got me up on the table and I couldnt even lay down. Stretching out HURT, him tapping lightly on my upper back made me wince and move away from him, when he touched my upper stomach, the tears flowed without stopping and he helped me sit up. Then he asked me if I would go to the hospital with this pain and for the first time in this whole episode, I realised that this was hospital worthy pain. I said yes and he pulled his car around and away we went across the street. Apparently, I really freaked him out because the nurse told me later on, he ran in wild-eyed calling for a wheelchair and looking and sounding scared. I had called J before I left the doctors office and I was really hoping that he wouldnt have gone out fishing already. Lucky for me, they hadnt and he showed up at the hospital just after I got there.

The lovely nurse got me into a room immediatly, drew blood and gave me a shot of morphine 2, all while sitting in the wheelchair. Thank god for morphine. For the first time in a 24 hours I was almost pain free. I was still tender to the touch and before I could get settled into the bed I was on my way to get an ultrasound. Before we left the office, my doctor had told me that the problem was either my pancreas, ulcers or gall bladder. This is where the ultrasound tech focused and after about half a hour of prodding me in still rather tender places, I got to wipe off the ultrasound goo and get dressed again. Back in my chair, I was told that I had gall stones and quite a lot of them. One was HUGE at 8mm. Back in my room, J sat with me as I got another shot of morphine and drifted in a mild haze of painless goodness. Finally, I was back to being completely pain free (how I normally live my life) and despite the fact that this painfree exsistance was thru the help of drugs, I was OK with that. As she was giving me the morphine, the nurse mentioned that this Scottish doctor would be in to talk to me and that he is a great surgon and I would be in good hands with him. The fact that he was mentioned to me as a surgon was the part that threw me off. Surgon…what the heck were they going to do to me?

Apparently, they were going to have to take out my gall bladder. At 8am on what would be day 8, I was scheduled to be one organ short. Here I am, 11 am on day 9 and I have 4 holes in me and have ruined my chances and dreams of ever becoming an international swimsuit model because of my scarring issues. Oh well. J was there thru the whole thing and has been taking great care of me ever since. I dozed all day yesterday and I feel like I have done WAY too many crunches and am sore that way. I have eaten a little bit but really, I am not hungry at all. I know that I have to eat and that is why I have eaten at all but I have stuck with chicken soup mainly and some salad. J is so sweet an has taken off of work for the next few days until I can move easily enough to take care of things around the house and the dog by myself. I dont remember anything about the surgury itself and I am so happy to be pain free. There was no other choice to become and stay painfree without removing my gall bladder and I am glad that I didnt really hesitate to have it done. Thank goodness for a great surgon.

BTW…I had great comments on my Lola socks from all the nurses who were amazed to see a “young person” knitting! And my socks now smell of hospital:(



  1. Yay to being pain free! I’m glad you’re feeling better, and many hopes for a fast and easy recovery from the surgery.

  2. I hope you are feeling better. And drugs do make the pain go away. And ask the doctor if there is something that yo can do or take to help with the scarring.

  3. good god Tasha, I’m really glad you are ok! Morphine rocks 😉

  4. OMG! You poor thing! I’m glad its over with.

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