Posted by: SisuGirl | March 25, 2007

Mother Natures mood swings

Sometimes ‘ole MN is quite psycotic…and I mean this in the nicest way. Friday and Saturday were lovely and warm, cloudy but warm. Today it is snaining (snow + rain = snain). Slippery, slushy and nasty. It was lovely out earlier and smelled of spring.

Herring season is almost upon us and it is a beautiful thing. There are Seiner all in the harbor and Packers, erm, packed in too 🙂 I love this time of year if only because of the bald eagles that abound. I counted 50 on Thursday and that was just coming over the bridge to the school. Granted, the seagulls are flocking like crazy too but that just makes me smile. J always smiles when I oohh and aahh over the eagles and make a fuss about seeing so many around. I point them out when we travel and have to force myself to focus on the road when I see them driving. I hope that I can live here for years and years to come and still feel wonder over these beautiful things and times of the year.

Lola Saga: Ok, so I thought that I would have them done and I would have…if I didnt have to stop and frog them both. I didnt have to frog them because they would have fit OK but I didnt want OK, I wanted perfect. I did my first short row heel and I cant wait to see how they fit. (Hopefully they do!!) I have never made or worn SRH yet. Not too bad 🙂Lola AotS Saga #2:SRH There is just one thing that makes me groan when I look at the socks and really, it leaves me in a bit of awe.Lola AotS Saga #2: Frat. Twins They are knit exactly the same way. On the same size needles. With the same number of stitches. I just have to smile and shake my head when I look at them. Part of me wants to rip the “slow striped” one out and the other part loves them both. How simple am I that *that* is what makes me happy. I dont think that I am going to get far up the leg with this skein of Lola and am taking care to knit only a few rows before switching socks and knitting the other about .5″ beyond the 1sts point. I am liking this pair of socks and am having fun messing about with the ribbing. Its kinda my own pattern of ribbing and is modeled after my fave pair of commercial woollen socks. Its meant to hug my feet and hopefully it does just that.

MN has gotten more crazy as I typed this…about 15 mins from start to finish and is all out snowing. Big fat flakes and quickly falling but not yet sticking.

*ETA: Pictures of a Seiner and 3 packers! Sorry about the snow…MN at large!*



  1. Weird weather up here too! It was snowing earlier, then got sunny, now it looks like its clouding up again. Your sock is beautiful!

  2. I’m always amazed and sometimes annoyed at how yarn can knit up from different halves of the same hank. I guess it’s just the way it is, and you can either reknit the socks 20 times, or just live with it. I’m just not big on ripping out socks, so I just live with it.

    And I always say, if you don’t like the weather in the midwest, just wait a day and it’ll change! 🙂

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