Posted by: SisuGirl | March 22, 2007

Handle on it

Just when you think that you have everything under control in your knitting, sometimes a really dumb mistake comes up and bites you in the a**. I was so proud of myself for knitting along so well on my Mariah sleeve. I had finished the C:A pattern and 2 repeats of the C:B and was well into the 3rd repeat when I looked ahead to the C:C and saw that there would be a funny stitch issue (cableing stitches that werent “that way”) so I looked back at the instructions and realised something.

I forgot to increase.

Not a single increase.

18″ of beautiful cable and even knitted goodness and I was supposed to increase at the 6″ mark and every 7th row after that. Um, yeah. Can you hear the amphibious reptiles calling? With a sigh and a resigned feeling, my 18″ of sleeve became 5.5″

The odd part of this is that I dont really feel all that horrid. I know how fast it went up and I know how fast I can do it again. I had made a misscrossed cable at just about that point so I guess it was just fate that I would have to rip this back 🙂 I fixed the cable, started the increases and all will be right in the world.

My Lola socks have become the socks that I work on in my down time at work. I swear, the next job I want will keep me so busy that I will want to knit because I am tired and need to relax, not because I have to have something to keep my hands busy. The good thing is that I can knit and watch a computer lab without care. I have gotten to the heel on one sock and will get the other to that point and then make my foray into the strange new world of short-row heels. I’m just a bit scared so please think happy thoughts my way Friday night and Saturday!



  1. I used to work in a computer lab before I learned to knit. It can be BORING, I know.

    And then just when you get into something, someone needs help.

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