Posted by: SisuGirl | March 19, 2007

So I have been waiting…

Ok, not really. I ordered from Sheri not more than 5 days ago and its here today! I was kinda crushed at first when I checked the mail today because there was no box. I looked in the mail room and there was no box there either. I really wanted to show P the yarn because I know that he wants to make an order of Cider Moon for himself. No so much because he is a knitter but because he wants me to make him something! We agreed that my “payment” for knitting him something would be him buying his skein and then buying me one of my choice for myself. OK by me!!! Anyway, he went home from work early and didnt get to see the BOX that was waiting for me in my ROOM!!! Not only did I get this beautiful Glacier in Juneau :Glacier in Juneau I highly suggest that everyone takes a look at this picture. This IS the colour of this yarn (of course, YMMV if you dont have the same Mac monitor 🙂 ) I really like it. Those greens and purples really get me, especially when mated with blues.

But I became a member of Loopies Groupies!!! Yes, I realise that this means that I have a problem. LG bagLG yarn n patternYou only can join this elite group if you have placed 6 or more orders with the Loopy Ewe and as this order of Glacier took me to 6, I got in! We wont talk about how I was going to buy another few skeins today…especially after I saw that she has Cookie A’s patterns. I really want to make Rhiannon. Really really really. But there is no way I am buying 8 skeins of Louet Gems in FINGERING weight. Thats $62 just for the yarn. $68.50 with the pattern. Um…I dont think so. Beautiful and such an amazing piece of work but I would be so scared to wear them and I actually think that I would get tired of knitting them. I think that I will get the pattern and try to make it my own by doing it in sportweight. ANYWAY…Sheri gifted me with an awesome bag, skein of Opal 6 in blues, greys, a bit of teal and black and Dove chocolate. This bag couldnt have come at a better time because I was thinking of needing to buy a new plastic box to contain all my sock yarn. I LOVE IT! Thank You Sheri!

I have decided to chronicle the Lola Autumn of the Sea saga with an update every few days. It might go even faster than a few days because this is knitting up pretty fast. I am creating my own pattern and trying a new style of knitting by knitting from both ends of the ball of yarn AND doing it toe up AND AND I’m gonna give short-row heels a try. I’m not quite to that point but I plan on using SKS to do it. I might get through the cuff and switch to a different yarn because I KNOW this single skein wont be enough for a pair of socks tall enough for J. SO…if anyone out there bought this Lola from The Loopy Ewe and has access to a good LYS or know of a match for ANY of the colours in it, I would LOVE to hear from you. Here is a picture of where I stand thus far: Lola AotS Saga #1 This doesnt give the colour justice and it really is a bright, bright, almost neon of everything. I love how fast this is knitting up and I really think that I might have a full pair of socks by next Sunday. Granted, that is only if I dont touch the Mariah or the PNW shawl and I dont think I can do that.



  1. The yarn is beautiful!!

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