Posted by: SisuGirl | March 18, 2007

Happy day into the weekend

J came in Thursday Night!!! It was such a fantastic weekend for me and I feel so refreshed. Normally I feel kinda blah, even after my weekends but today, WOW! I am so ready for the rest of the week. J and I talked about future jobs for me, wedding ideas and dates, and general together stuff. Friday, we went to a party with P and some other friends (YAY! J and P met!) and J actually sang with Kareoke Revolution 🙂 and then on Saturday, we went to see the comic Kermit Apio. J turned to me part way through and said, “Home-run idea”. He had been a little unsure of going to see a comic because a)it was our last night together for about a month and b)his fishing friends wanted to go out. I agreed to first go to the comic then go out with his friends as long as we weren’t going to over drink. We LOVED the comic, went home to wait for P to call and then ended up going to bed to snuggle. It was a good thing that no friends called. Of course, we work up before the alarm rang at its ungodly hour and talked and snuggled more. It was so nice to just be together. We actually did very little running around and just enjoyed hanging out and being in the room with each other. Yes, we are dorks…boring dorks at that.

And I found another reason why I love this man. I told him about the skein of Cider Moon Glacier in Juneau that I bought and he said, Yeah, I figured you would but I love my socks so I wont say anything. He actually encouraged me to BUY MORE! I think that either he has forgotten the side of the couch that is taken up or he is just being nice for leaving me again. Either way, I have set my goal for the Lime and Violet sock yarn marathon: To knit J 3 more pairs of socks. He has 2 pairs now so I am thinking that I want him to have 5 pairs of handknit socks. Generally, when he fishes he is gone for 5 days or so before them come back in and then goes out again. This process repeats until all the IFQ is caught but either way, if he is out, I want him to think of me 🙂 Handmade socks would be a perfect way to do this. Warm toes, warm heart and all that. Not only have I become a “Loopy Groupie” but I am going back to buy more. *sigh* Thats OK…thats why I sub instead of taking Fridays off.


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