Posted by: SisuGirl | March 15, 2007

Personal Disclosure

A friend was *looking* for me online yesterday and though she found, um, parts of me, she couldn’t find my blog. At first, I couldn’t figure out why but then I realized it. I have no reference to my real name anywhere on here. I refer to friends by the letter of their first names. I barely refer to where I work but everyone can read where I live. There are only 8,000 people who live in Sitka and I think that since I have no plans to viciously or maliciously slam any of them, I think that it would be OK to give at least my name in the open. ETA: I decided to remove my name for a while
Me This is me 🙂
Basic stats:

Sign: Virgo

Marital Status: Legally single but so close to married that we can taste it.

Location: Sitka, AK resident for 2 years.

Profession: Student Services. Currently working at Mt. Edgecumbe High School, a state boarding school, as the Academic Liaison

Hobbies: Anything outdoors! Hiking, boating, hunting, fishing, camping etc. Completely indulged in with J…shown here T, J and Buddy (no, the dog isn’t ours, we were just dog sitting when we went camping) Knitting, of course, which is also encouraged by J who is wearing a hat I made him in that picture! You have to look closely but you can see the cables. Reading is also a hobby/passion of mine and I have been a library card-carrying member of literacy advocacy from a very early age.
I could say that personal wellness is a hobby but it is more of a lifestyle. I workout at least 5 days a week, stretch and meditate daily, pray and attend church, hang out with friends, do things that I enjoy and avoid things that make me unhappy. I try to do one thing every day that stretches my view of the world and makes me uncomfortable. Though I dont always accomplish this goal, I do try.

Loves: knitting (duh), animals, outdoors, fresh fruit and veggies, grilling food, sleeping outside or on the boat and fuzzy slippers. Alone time is a great thing but I am rarely lonely. I love spending time with friends and just lately have made some new great ones. I’m also an Angelophile, brought about mainly from my Mum…probably obvious as I call her Mum.

Dislikes: Mushrooms. I cant get over the idea of eating a fungus. Scratchy wool drives me nuts too.

If I could sum up my life in one sentence, it would be this: I love unconditionally, live simply and happily and have never failed at anything I have tried my hand at. I hope everyone can say this about their own life too.



  1. Knee socks? hot to death!!!

  2. You are 15 days older than my younger sister! For some reason I imagined you older than me. I have no idea why. Isn’t that weird how we imagine people from their writing? Anyway, thanks for the disclosure!

  3. Pleased to meetcha Tasha, and to learn a bit more about you! 🙂 I love that pic of you & J & buddy – excellent shot!

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